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      Hi Petko

      I have completed the Portfolio EA’s course.

      I managed to :

      – download the Portfolio EA’s

      – Started testing them on a demo account together with the Free Course GBP/USD EA’s

      – Linked account to FX Blue

      I’m very happy with the courses and looking forward to the next one! Helps me allot, thank you. Any suggestions on which one of your courses to do next?

      Just a quick question concerning the Portfolio EA’s. I see that they were last changed 24 Jan 2021. Does that mean that they are still validated for the current market and?


      Kind Regards


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      Hey Willem,

      Glad to hear from you. It makes me happy to know that the courses are useful. I do my best.

      Which course exactly did you take? The EAs should be from the beginning of March and not January.

      Please, send me the link to the lecture that you are looking at.

      Regarding the other courses, they are all different. If you already have 2 courses, you better look for different assets now to diversify more.


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      Good Morning Petko

      Link to the course i have taken: https://eatradingacademy.com/courses/algorithmic-trading/trading-portfolio-expert-advisors-100-strategies-included/lessons/how-to-place-the-portfolio-experts-in-meta-trader-copy/

      The resources heading says March but after downloading files you see date last edited is end of Jan. So my question is, if they have not been edited does that mean that all the Portfolios EA’s have passed validation for March?

      Thank you for your advice! My current Portfolio is GBPUSD 30 EA’s & 10 Portfolio EA’s 100 Strategies on EURUSD. Will look at courses for Gold or anything not tied to the USD. Looking forward to it!

      Have a nice day


      Kind Regards



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        Hi Petko

        Hope you are doing well!

        To explain myself better i have taken a picture.


        Kind Regards


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      Hey Willem,

      I have rechecked and you were right. I am not sure why the new EAs were not updated. Thanks for letting me know!

      I already updated the EAs for April for this course so please check the lecture again and download them for testing.

      Have a great Sunday ahead!

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        Hi Petko

        Thank you very much! I have downloaded them in placed them in Demo acc for testing.

        I am busy with the Dow Jones course. I have also found the EA’s are not updated for March or April.

        looking forward to the week results so i have enough data to filter the good strategies from the bad ones. The hole process becoming easier by the day.

        Kind Regards


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      Hey Willem,

      Glad to hear that!

      The Dow Jones EAs I do not update every month, but whenever it is needed.

      Keep an eye on the topic Updates in the courses so you will know when a course is updated.


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      User AvatarALEX

      Hi Petko,

      Good day! I finished the course on GBP and BTC and I find them fantastic! Currently I am enrolled on the paid XAU course (ongoing development).

      Back 1 step to the GBP, I noticed the same EA on live & demo environment does not have identical trade openings.

      I understand the demo environment is synthetic (and vary from broker to broker), but should I pay attention to this in your experience?

      Appreciate any guide please. Thank you.

      Alex (Philippines)

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      Hey Alex,

      Glad to hear from you.

      Yes, it is important to use a broker that will offer the same conditions on Demo and Live. Or at least very similar.

      Anyway, testing on a Demo will be useless.


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