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    Hi Petko, can you advise if it is possible to merge JSON files to create an ongoing historical data set? For example: When I download M1 data from my broker, I can get about 65000 bars, which covers about 2 months of trading. I did this on 26th April and so was running the generator against M1 data covering approximate 24th Feb to 26th April (I forget the exact start date). However this week I wanted to update my data, so I followed the same process to export it from my broker, loaded it into EA Studio, but the new 65000 bar data set was covering 18th March to 18th May, so I “lost” 24th Feb – 18th March. Is there any way to ensure EA Studio keeps and stores previous data uploads with older trading data? Clearly this questions only really relevant for higher timeframe data – M1 and M5 perhaps. Thanks


    Hey Steve,

    Actually, the 65 000 limitation comes from MetaTrader and not from EA Studio.

    In most of my algo trading courses, I explain how to solve it but I have some youtube videos as well:

    The solution is after 4:30 minute.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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