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    Svet Mentor

    Dear Andi,
    great for sharing it with us. As a mentor, I can tell you that it is really nice strategy from the first view and it is simple which makes it easier and faster.
    Also, keep in mind to stay with a low lot size on a live in the beginning 🙂
    Great for sharing this cryptocurrency ea in the forex ea section.
    If you think of sharing more, we will be glad if you open a topic for cryptocurrency ea sharing in the forum.
    You are welcome to do so!


    Guys you will be surprised to see that when you are using forex ea and cryptocurrencies ea, the little difference there is just the history data behind and the optimization process.
    What I mean is that if you have already few forex ea you, you can easily modify them to cryptocurrency ea.
    What you need to do:
    1. Upload the forex ea that you have in the EA Studio.
    2. After that import history data for the cryptocurency ea that you wish to create (the cryptocurrency history data – Bitcoin for example)
    3. See the performance of the new cryptocurrency ea – probably you will find it horrible. This is normal because this was a forex ea and you see it now as a crytpocurrency ea.
    4. Optimize the EA for the new cryptocurrency data.
    5. Be careful to avoid over optimization by using round steps in the optimizer
    6. And just repeat it for all forex ea that you have, in order to find a profitable cryptocurrency ea.
    7. If you can not find any, simply run the reactor over the cryptocurrency data, and you will have many

    Hope this helps and I think I will add to this topic cryptocurrency ea, because everybody is asking us for that.

    Feel free to share cryptocurrency ea here, as well as forex ea.
    Cheers guys!


    Hey Petko,
    thank you for sharing this information.
    I hope this cryptocurrency ea will be use ful to other as well.


    Andi thank you for sharing this cryptocurrency with us. I am just enjoying Petko’s course but I will find a time and a way to practice and test your strategy for the Bitcoin. Glad there are such users in the forum

    Damian Roger

    Hey guys, very glad to see this topic. I just register today after having all courses from EA Forex Academy and I do not know why I missed the forum….I am just buying the softwares and I will share as soon as I have some nice cryptocurrency EA because this is my passion.

    Chris Eliot

    Great topic Petko! I just took the Optimal Pack and I will share. Cryptocurrency ea or forex ea once I learn how to create robust strategies. Also I have downloaded the shared cryptocurrency ea and I will test it. Thanks


    Keep up the good work guys and keep sharing cryptocurrency ea or forex ea with everybody.
    What I have found to enjoy the most is sharing my knowledge as Forex strategy or system, because this way I develop it faster and I get feedback much quicker than doing it by myself. The best thing is I have the blessing to communicate with great people all over the world!

    Iohan Dive

    Hello everyone,

    thank you very much that share with us your forex strategy.
    Petko great idea about create this topic for Forex strategy, I will really save a lot of time, and I hope that soon I can share with you forex strategy, which will be advantage to all of you.

    Iohan Dive


    great job done here guys! I have taken the Mega Pack and now I have so much to learn and practise for creating robust crptocurrency ea and forex ea and also I want to create some stocks ea. I will share as soon as I have some good results. I think I will start with a cryptocurrency ea creation


    GUys, I do not know if you have tested the cryptocurrency ea I shared not long tima ago, but keeps great results 🙂


    Dear Andi,when any cryptocurrency ea or forex ea is working, there is an old saying:
    “When something is working, do not touch it” 🙂

    Ian Bibian

    Hello all,
    I am very new to trading and I came on this forum and I find it very useful.
    Can someone please, share a Forex strategy that is suitable for a beginner trader so I can practice with it.
    Thanks a lot


    Hello Ian,

    Here is one of my strategies for Forex ea:


    There I have written the parameters, Also, if you decide to export it with EA Studio, it would be good to do a tide optimization.

    It is easy strategy to follow an with stable results

    Ian Bibian

    Hello Rose,
    thank you so much for sharing your strategy with me. I will immediately place on EA Studio and export as Forex ea.
    I think it will be useful to me also, to practice it manually and see how exactly it is working.
    Thanks so much again! God bless.


    Hey Ian,
    the thing you can do is to optimize the strategy for your broker before exporting it as forex ea.
    This is important because anyway you might not achieve same results as Rose does.
    Kind regards,

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 142 total)

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