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    Hey there!

    Welcome to the Forum. I have such a strategy, which I have described in the course Forex Trading Course – London, NY & Tokyo Trading System.

    It is a manual strategy. Having an EA with price action is hard. It can’t be done with the strategy builders because we use more in there – fundamentals, strength indicators, and some manual actions.



    Fantastic! Asking suggestions from user to make it more profitable is amazing step. I really appreciate.

    I just would like to suggest or ask if some of the following points can be added in strategy builder.

    1. Calculation base level can possible to add. I mean to say considering previous day/week, high/low/close, is it possible to make such calculation and define support and resistance line?

    2. Prepare trading rule like if price holding below resistance line for 3/4 candles (M5/M15) than sell or if price break resistance line with high volume and holding above 3/4 candles and return to test resistance again to take buy call.

    3. Also generate call on basis of candle stick patterns. Define rules for candle stick pattern (that of also flexible to change rule) and take call n trade.

    I guess it might difficult buy as a person trading on above rule, curious to have EA which can be beneficial to all.



    Iohan Dive

    From my experience, I can say that EA Studio is optimized to generate profitable EAs (with good backtests). And this is because it uses the MT indicators. All the custom staff that many people think works…in 99% of the cases, doesn’t work.

    So adding custom indicators and additional features will only slow down the program which will result in a lower number of strategies when generating the strategies.

    What I would suggest you do is to compare your manual strategy with the EAs from EA Studio and see which one would perform better.



    Yes you are right. I am using my manual strategy since long with higher profit than EA studio generate. Small example for understanding. In EA Studio, you have to take call when EMA cross over happen (On next candle open) but, price has tendency to come back and retest resistance or support. So I usually take call when price hit resistance/support with SL of cross over. Here you can see EURUSD came in buy mode (EMA cross over) but later it gave 2 attempt to enter in buy at lower level. I just want in EA Studio, when your strategy criterial fulfilled than it should give chance to execute trade at lower level (for buy).

    EMA cross over


    Hello Ajey,

    If you want the EAs to open trades within the bar (not waiting for the new bar to open) then you should use FSB Pro.

    Only EA Studio work on the opening of the bar.


    Hello all,

    We have published a new FAQ section which is short and straight to the point.

    We did our best to go over all the topics in the Forum and to put in there the Most Frequently Asked questions indeed.

    And there are the answers, so we hope it will be useful for everyone.

    And of course, we will improve it constantly.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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