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    hello all,

    Now the 1 month is over, and I draw a conclusion of -3.71%, which is considering what happened last month so perfectly in order.

    I let the tests now continue to run. and hope that the market gives us many positive days.

    Yesterday, 12 new EA’s were created with the specifications of Mr. Petko. It is again a better feeling when the strategy come from their own pool.

    Regarding my buddies, most likely none of them will continue : ( because of time reasons or because there are already strategies that perfrom better.

    I am open to everything that can make money so I will continue to update this, also because it gives me a lot of fun.

    I wish you all a nice trading week.

    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Selim,

    3.71% loss is pretty measured, and yes it was a tough month.

    That’s a shame that your buddies are most likely not gonna continue. Good to see you are though.

    You seem to enjoy this method of trading – As do I :-). My opinion is this is probably the most important factor in eventual success. Profits aren’t gonna jump into anyone’s pocket, I have been doing this a while now and although my results aren’t quite where I ideally want them to be (yet) there has been very significant continual improvement ongoingly with occasional leaps. The harder I work and the longer I persist and deepen my knowledge the better my results get (Funny that!).

    An enjoyment of the tools and trading style is a such a major key in persisting and improving so we are both very fortunate to have found that! I’m honestly obsessive at times, constantly having ideas to try popping into my head – it keeps me very busy and I love it haha

    Keep doing what you are doing and sharing your results and I’m sure we will get some good discussion points that will be to all our benefit :-), tracking things as you are doing is very important so off to a great start.

    Are you running any other systems alongside the 12 EA’s?

    Happy trading week also! This recent week has been pretty poor for me personally but the two before it were great, cant win all the time 😉


    Hello everyone,

    I am running EA Studio in 10 tabs using the reactor in each tab. I have found that over the same period of time the tabs are generating very different volumes of strategies calculated. After two hours on tab has 45K  calculated while others have only several hundred.

    Is this normal? Do I have too many tabs generating at the same time?


    When using portfolio EAs is there an ideal number of EAs to be included in the portfolio? Is it possible to have too many EAs in one portfolio EA?




    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Kalin,

    Okay so it sounds to me like you have each EA studio in a seperate tab on the same browser rather than on seperate browsers? If so then that is the problem. The several hundred will just have been generated in the brief moment that the tab was active. Can you confirm if this is the case or not?

    As for the portfolio, stick to 100 at most I would say personally. Do you have any great need for anymore than this? If so can you give a little more detail on your system?

    100 per portfolio will be absolutely fine (optimal is possibly dependent on how many positions open at the same time but I would need to test this, however don’t feel its really necessary).





    Hello everyone,

    I want to start using a VPS. Is there a section in any of the courses that covers how to set up and use a VPS? Are people using the service that is integrated with MT4 or something else like AWS?

    Thank you!

    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Kalin,

    Did you resolve your original issue with the multiple EA tabs? Was it that you were running EA on separate tabs rather than separate browsers as I expected? It’s good to clarify for anyone else who may come on the forum looking for an answer to a similar problem 🙂

    Setting up a vps is pretty straight forward. It is essentially just a remote computer close to the brokers server which will run your MT4 terminals 24/7 and reduce latency (your order signals will be faster).

    It is definitely worthwhile. There are many forex specific vps options (will find on google easily) with free trials. Just sign up for a couple and see what one you like best, it’s more about the cost per resources you want (number of cores, ram and hard drive space) which is dependent on how many MT4 terminals you intend to run. Also when choosing an operating system use windows 2012, it uses less resources and is better for this purpose in my experience.



    Hi Samuel,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I have all the tabs open in Brave browser. It does appear that only the tab that is visible is the one that is generating strategies. Is there not a good way to have multiple reactors running at the same time? Multiple browsers?

    The reason I asked about the portfolio EA strategy upper limit is that I have an idea for managing my demo EA’s using portfolio EAs.

    I’m thinking that I can make portfolio EAs from the Pool of strategies to test on my demo account. If I make one portfolio EA per asset/time frame then I can easily test all of the strategies on my demo account and track the results on FX Blue. I wouldn’t be trading the portfolio EAs live. I would only be using them to add many strategies to the Demo account without having to add each strategy individually on their own chart.

    Then I can pick the best performing strategies from FX Blue to move to my live account.

    I realize that this idea is similar to what Petko demonstrates using the Validator. I think what I like about this idea is that many strategies will be tested against live data rather than historical data.

    Is this making sense? I’m just getting started so I am very open to feedback or suggestions.

    Thank you.


    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Kalin,

    First point is well done on coming to this portfolio idea independently but Petko does this in most of his courses also (well since portfolio EA became a feature in EA studio) :-). What course have you taken so far? You are getting off to a good start but it may be worth taking a look at one of the newer courses where petko is using portfolio EAs in this way?

    So this is a good way to use the portfolio EAs, and I’d say stick to 100 strategies per portfolio personally and you won’t go wrong.

    And yes I thought that might be the problem regarding the tabs. Yes the solution is just to use multiple browser windows rather that multiple tabs.

    Is there any particular reason that you have chosen to use Brave? EA studio will work on most browsers but chrome is recommended as the fastest and it is considerably faster than Firefox for example when I tested this.

    Brave is a good lightweight browser so I expect your think it may have been faster?? Chrome is the way to go 🙂


    David Archambeau

    I had the same issue with browser tabs. It’s a “by design” feature of every browsers to minimize the processor activity when the tab is not visible, and they always try to improve this. I tried Edge, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Chrome and less known browsers but all had exactly the same behavior 🙁
    There are tutos to change some advance configuration to disable this but I never found any that really works.
    The only way (I’ve found) is to separate the tabs and keep them all visible.
    Another way that I use now, is to create some virtual machines, and on each machine I run one browser, and I’m very happy with that system, because my settings stays the same on each machine when I restart the browser, as EA studio saves last configuration when the browser is closed.
    And with all the tests that’s I’ve made, I got better results with chrome…

    Samuel Jackson

    Your conclusions match my own David. I started out in a very  similar way, trying to run as many browsers as I could and always wanting more computer power. These days I’d be pretty happy with just a single mid range computer with a 6-8 core processor that can run 6 reactors at the same time comfortably overnight 🙂

    In a nutshell:

    1. Use Chrome

    2. Run EA studio on seperate browsers not seperate tabs (Again this is shown in Petkos courses)

    3. Keep the Tabs visible

    Kalin can I ask how many EA studio instances you are wanting run at a time? Also what is your computer processor and ram are you running (Nothing extravagant needed for EA studio in my personal opinion, just checking you are running an optimal number of EA studio instances for your hardware).



Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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