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      User AvatarJasmin Kutzner

      I purchased the Top 10 Commodities EAs last week on 04/21/24, and I haven’t seen any results with them. I connected the one to two most profitable bots with my demo account. The first trade that was placed closed with a negative result. In the following days, it showed that the trades were canceled, and even trades that are shown in the app don’t open in my demo account.

      Can someone tell me if I made a mistake? My demo account size is 25k, and the currency is euro.

      23.04.24 (1

      24.04.24 (1

      24.04.24 (2

      24.04.24 (3

      26.04.24 (1

      26.04.24 (2

      29.04.24 (1

      29.04.24 (2

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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Jasmin, how are you?

      Hopefully we can sort this out for you.

      Top left of the chart, in the info box, looks like “new trades aren’t allowed until the reset hour of 0”

      Perhaps you have a limiting setting in the hours of operation???

      And the Top 10 data, backtests, on the day, looks very quiet, but that doesn’t seem right for gold.

      Let me know how you go with the Hours of operation settings.



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      User AvatarRonald Cooksey

      I recently purchased the top 10 EA’s and since I have smaller accounts under $3,000 the developer shows me how to download the EAs to accommodate small accounts so I downloaded one eur\usd placed the EA on the chart and all the parameters activated put no trades have been placed. Is there something in the setting that I need to adjust?



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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Ronald,

      If you are using MT4 and see a smiley face in the upper right corner of the trading chart or if you are using MT5 and see a blue hat then the EA is working correctly and you just need to give it more time to start placing trades.


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      User Avatark myers

      Sadly I have found it too difficult to set up the demo account on mt4, the time zones are incorrect by 2 hours and being a demo account it does not appear to allow for changes to the times, thus no trades are being taken either with or without smiley face. I think unless ea trading academy can offer to assist, I might never fathom this. good idea though, clever guy.

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi k,

        Don’t worry about time zones.  I don’t!  As long as you see a smiley face everything is working correctly.  Just be patient and the trades will come.

        Can you show a screenshot of the upper left area of the trading chart so I can see what it is saying?  Then I can help further.


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