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      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello everyone! My name is Thapelo from South Africa. I am very new to trading and so fAr I as just reading about the Forex and cryptocurrency market. I saw some of th courses here and really enjoyed them.
      I want to ask on which cryptocurrency market should I start? I want to choose on cryptocurrency market and to trade Forex in the same time. As for the Forex I will ask Petko or some of the mentors to help me here but I would really appreciate if someone help me choose some cryptocurency market.
      Also, do you think cryptocurrency market will stay longer and be more liqquid than Forex?
      Thanks indeed, I will really appreciate quick answer about the cryptocurrency market…

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      User AvatarSabastian Lim

      Hello Thapelo,

      which cryptocurrency market you chose? Please, if Petko shared with you some of the answers for your questions about cryptocurrency market, share with me and the other people who will read this topic. I am really new to trading and I`m still storing experience about everything and more information for cryptocurrency market will be very useful for me. Thank you very much!

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      Guys, that is such a huge topic.
      Simply there are 2 main things you can do on the Cryptocurrency market – one is to exchange and the other is to trade(just like what we are doing)
      You both have already some of our courses, so you have an idea about the Cryptocurrency trading, you need to look for some more information about the exchanges and see how they work.
      Overall you need to decide what you want to do, you want to invest, or you want to trade?
      The Cryptocurrency market provides many opportunities, so it is up to you.

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      User AvatarBob Saphen


      My name is Bob and want to know more about Crypotocurrency market. I want to trade, not to exchange, but I am new with this and I want to know more about it. I see the academy offers many courses and my question is simple- which course is good to select for me? I see there is many courses in this site, but I want to have basic course which will shows me how to trade on Cryptocurrency market. I will expect the answer! Thanks!


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      User AvatarTravis Nose


      I think that the Basic cryptocurrency course will be useful for you. As you will see the course is from A to Z and it is perfect for beginner traders. You will see that the course offers manual trading strategy that can be used for all cryptocurrencies, you will learn to trade with Expert Advisors and be professional trader, and have a good money management, which is a must when trading.


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      User AvatarSvet Mentor

      The cryptocurrency market is great at the moment guys! Push it! But very careful in the same time 🙂

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      The cryptocurrency market is just as great as the Forex. This means that you can have great trading on Forex and not on cryptocurrency market, because the spreads with the currency pairs are much lower than what we see with the cryptos.

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      User AvatarTraderzonefx

      I also started with the cryptocurrency market but after that I switched to Forex. Much more easier to see which currency pair is strongest for the day and which is the weakest. I learned that in the London trading system from Petko, and this is much easier for me, because there is correlation between the currencies.

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      Glad to hear I helped you make your trading easier. Anyway not the cryptos are really bearish, still good for algorithmic trading, but we will see what happens…

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