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    Dear traders,
    we have completed our new Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course, where we have included 99 Expert Aдvisors. The courses will be launched in the category Cryptocurrency trading in few days.
    In the Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course you will see how we create 100s of strategies with EA studio, how we test their robustness and how we select the once to place on a Demo account. After that we test these strategies on a Demo account and connect to a website, where we can follow each Expert Advisor performance.
    There you have your choice, if you want to trade the Top 10, Top 5, or the best strategy.
    I have named in Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course, because it is 100% auto trading. All you need to do is to follow the statistics and pick the Experts that are currently making profits.
    I wish you to enjoy the Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Iohan Dive

    Hello Petko,

    I am so happy that I will have possibility to buy Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course. I have already have Top 5 Forex Strategies and I am so pleased with the knowledge I have received. I am sure that Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course will bring me enough knowledge about everything that I want to know.
    Please write me an e-mail when will be possibility to buy Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course. Thank you very much.
    I look forward!



    Dear Johan, for sure we will let you know. The course is ready, just takes a bit more time to organize the web page, because we have already the 4th bitcoin algorithmic trading course.

    Cone D

    Hello Petko,

    is the bitcoin algorithmic trading course will be on Christmas discount?


    Dear Cone,
    in the crystmans discount are only the Optimal Pack and the Mega Pack( the Bitcoin algorithmic trading course you asked is included in the Mega Pack).

    Cone D

    Thank you a lot ! Maybe I will buy Mega pack!


    Guys, the bitcoinn algorithmic trading course is updated with two new lectures at the end about keeping the Top EAs into a separate account. But, please keep un eye on the topic Updates in the courses, where we will note for all of updates. It is better to keep the updates announcmenets in one topic, it will be easier to follow.

    Cone D

    Hello at all,

    I want to share my experience and opinion for the packages that the academy offers, because I don`t was in the forum from a long time and I spent all the time for trading. I have bought Mega pack on Christmas discount and I am so happy because for the cheaper price I have had a lot of products! In this pack there is a lot of courses that Petko offer and there is the course that I have been interesting for Bitcoin algorithmic trading course. I have learned a lot from this course (I say from excatly this course, because I was very interesting from excatly this!) There is 99 Expert Advisor which is updating every month and everyone who wants to trade with Bitcoin must to have it! So from me this is the best course!!!


    Dear Cone,
    glad to hear you enjoyed the courses. The Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course is interesting, just make sure not to mess up with all the EAs 🙂
    Also, since you have a Pack, you should give it a try to generate your own strategies and dive deeper into the algorithmic trading.

    Sharapova Sisi


    Petko, when the Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors will be updated for this month? I have chosen the best from February, now I am waiting to select the best from March. I hope that it will be soon. Thanks !



    Dear Sisi,
    bth of the courses Bitcoin algorithmic traidng course + 99 Expert Advisors and the Ehtereum algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors were updated just today. You are asking at the right moment:)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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