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      Hi Petko,

      Can you advise – are all EAs generated through EA studio programmed to only have one trade open at a time? I have a Demo MT4 account with 80 EAs on it and when i reorder open trades by comment (magic number) on the far right column, its looks like there is only one trade per magic number. This particular collection of EAs has been performing very well for two weeks and so I loaded the same ones onto a live micro account, but the first trades opening on the live micro account are not matching up to new trades being opened on the demo account at the same time. The only explanation i could think of is that in the demo account, there are already open trades for many of the EAs, and it will not open new trades for each EA (even if entry criteria is met) until the existing trade for that EA concludes. Is that correct? If so, I assume that within a week or so, all the older trades on my demo account will have closed and the newly opened trades in each account will start to synchronise.  I would be grateful for your thoughts. Thank you

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      Hey Steve,

      Yes, this is right. It is explained in the FAQ section as well:

      Frequently Asked Questions About Trading Courses, Robots & Strategy Builders


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