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User AvatarIlan Vardy

Hi Robbles,


Yeah, as mentioned, the volatility on the market right now is huge. It’s really difficult to say what time frame would work best for moving EAs from one account to another. An EA can perform really well for a few days, and then suddenly stop when conditions change. In the course I do say a week, and this is generally what I use, but there is no guarantee that an EA will continue working well. As always, my advice is to try different things. For example, you could try 2 or 3 days, and if an EA performed well, say 2 or 3 successful trades, with a profit  factor of 1.5 or higher, move it over to another account to test. Maybe you could then let it trade, and after 2 successful or unsuccessful trades, remove it from the chart. This is just an example of one different strategy. There are countless options.


Good luck, and let me know what you try, and how it works.


All the best,


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