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User AvatarHaliffa

That sounds like really nice approach and good stable results.

Last month I ended with above 1000 pips but trading with 0.01. I am somehow afraid to trade with 0.1, may be just because my live account is small. Anyway I am very happy I met Petko, and learned all from him. His advises are treasure!

Regarding the 3 EAs, I would suggest you to make a better diversification when choosing the currency pair. In this case you have 2 times the GBP, so you are putting bigger exposure on it. Simply, if there is some dramatic move around the Brexit now, you might see some unstable results, but they could be profits too 🙂

How long time have you been testing the EAs on Demo account? I am using Petko’s method on min 100 pips and 10 trades opened and closed.

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