Hello Leonard,

At the current moment, the Bitcoin is very volatile and the brokers keep huge spreads.

I see that at the moment you have opened the trade you have + $150 spread.

Now, the spread is the Ask price – Bid price.

When you sell you are selling on the Bid price. In your case, this was $10959. At the moment of the picture, the bid price is $10899. Also, you see this price on the chart.

And because you have a spread of + $150(I think around $155), your Ask price at the moment is $11054. And this price is higher than your entry price – $10959.

Your sell trade will be closed on the sell price. The sell price must get below the entry price so that you can see a profit in the account.

In simple words, I would not trade using brokers at the moment. And Pepperstone is a broker with one of the lowest spread for the Bitcoin.

If you are trading manually, you better use Exchanges like Coinbase. But even with Expert Advisors, it is really hard to do any profits on such a huge spread.