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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Angelo,

I use various EA Studio settings when creating my Expert Advisors. I have found there is not just one set of EA Studio settings that make the Expert Advisors profitable, its the overall workflow. However, the follow are the EA Studio settings I used when trading the Expert Adviors with an FTMO Challenge. Please be advised that I live in the United States and can no longer use FTMO Challenges as FTMO no longer allows the use of MT4 or MT5 in the US.

3 years data
300 minimum trades
1.2 minimum Profit Factor
Reactor with Generator + Montecarlo (80% passed on the last two options: Strategy variations both checked, Market Variations both checked.)
OutOfSample not used
MonteCarlo uses default settings
Collections: Data Horizon changed to last three months. Profit factor increased until 10 strategies left. I then select the one strategy with best balance line.
On average, after how many weeks do you create new Portfolios from scratch because the first does not profit anymore? Every weekend I select the top 3 performing Expert Advisors. I use FXblue and sort the Expert Advisors using the Net Pips column.

Now for the workflow: To view the workflow I use follow the thread in the following link:


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