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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi fabber,

I know this can get quite confusing. I trade the Prop Firm app robots a little differently. I put all 14 robots on my trading account. I set the lot size to 0.01 lots and trade all of them for one week. I then pick the top performers and then change the lot size back to what it was when I downloaded the robots. The following links should give you an idea on how I trade the robots:



Also, there are three versions of XAUUSD. There is XAUUSD M5, There is XAUUSD M15, and there is XAUUSD M30. The XAUUSD M5 goes on the five minute chart, the XAUUSD M15 goes on the fifteen minute chart, and the XAUUSD M30 goes on the thirty minute chart.


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