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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Traders,

I know there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with the FTMO app robots lately so I wanted to chime in here. At the beginning of this week I downloaded all 14 robots and installed them in my Infinity Forex Fund Algo Evaluation MT4 terminal. Sorry, I cannot use the FTMO Challenges anymore as in the United States FTMO no longer allows us to use MT4 or MT5. However, before this limitation was imposed upon us US traders I had installed the same FTMO robots on both the FTMO challenge and the IFF Algo Evaluation to compare their performance. The result was they very closely track each other. So based upon this past experiment I feel traders using the FTMO Free demo or Challenges should be able to achieve similar results to what I am getting. I also realize that these 14 robots have only been trading on my account for 2 days and my results are early I wanted to share what I am getting so far. When I installed all 14 robots I changed the lot size on each robot to 0.01 lots so their results would not affect my account balance significantly. Right now I have 3 closed trades. One profitable and two losing. However each of these closed trades where with one closed trade for each of the three robots. I will now continue to trade these 14 robots for the balance of the week and report my results this coming weekend and how I am going to address my trading for next week.

The following link will outline how I trade all my robots. The link was written based upon the FTMO robots v5.1 but the steps I follow is still the same for all robots.

How To Trade the FTMO V5.1 Robots


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