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User AvatarAlan Northam

Dear Traders,

When using the FTMO robots on other prop firms do not expect to see the same performance as the historical data of the various prop firms may be somewhat different.  Also, the top 3 robots from the FTMO app may not be the top 3 on other prop firms.  When using other prop firms I recommend testing all robots with a small lot size for a month to learn if the FTMO robots are profitable and how their performance compares to testing on the FTMO prop firm.  Once you have determined the prop firm works well with the FTMO robots then you can pick the top 3 from the FTMO app and trade them with the prop firm you have tested.

I am now testing a different prop firm each month to determine how well they perform using the FTMO robots.

In January I tested “Infinity Forex Funds” and found this prop firm performed equally well compared with the FTMO prop firm using the FTMO robots.  So on Monday I will be using the top 3 from the FTMO app on IFF.

In February I will be testing “FX2 Funding”.


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