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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Martin,

It happens don’t give up.  My demo FTMO account is about even for the last two weeks.  I am still running FTMO EURUSD version 4.1 on my demo account.  I started the demo account August 1st.  As of now it is positive about 7%.  You can check out my demo account results on the link below.  The FTMO demo account lasts for 14 days then I have to restart it.  The first 14 days saw good profit of 2.5%.  The second 14 days saw good profit of 1.4%.  The third 14 days saw good profit of 3.7%.  When I combine these I get a 7.6% profit.  Tomorrow will complete the fourth 14 day demo account test and it looks like it will be about breakeven.  So for two months it looks like my profit will be 7.6%.  The demo account is a $10,000 account with a lot size of 0.3 lots.

Based upon these results I started a live 50K challenge last week.  As of today the account is at $49800.  So I lost about $200 this last week.

hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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