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User AvatarAlan Northam

Good to hear you are backtesting the FTMO strategies.  To get a good idea how the EA’s will perform over the long term requires a long term backtest.  To get a good idea how the EA’s will perform backtesting should be over a period of at least one month.  I have been backtesting the FTMO EURUSD strategy over the month of August.  To do this I used the free FTMO demo account twice for a total of 30 days of testing.  The results I get is that the EA has produced a profit of 3.78% for the month.  Doing some quick math says that I should hit the 10% price target in approximately 2.5 months.  I will continue my testing.

The reason for sharing my results is that I noticed over your one week backtesting you showed EURUSD as a losing strategy.   Whereas my backtesting over the last month shows a nice profit.  The FTMO strategies were created to be profitable over the longer term and my results vs your results shows that the longer term backtesting will produce profitable results as the EA’s were created to do.

Reference:  https://eatradingacademy.com/forums/topic/ftmo-demo/

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