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User AvatarDavid Archambeau

Hi Selim and Samuel,
thank you for your insights 🙂
I’ve never thought that time zone could such important here. I naively thought that for most indicators, it’s just a succession of bars where hour has no importance at all.
But I’ll see it very rapidly during my tests 🙂 And if that’s the case, I’ll have to change the timezone in premium data, that’s it ? I didn’t change any time settings up to now.
If it’s possible, I would prefer to keep working with premium data, because it’s free and it has more bars and up to now I use short time frames. I just change the spread and commission to reflect reality. But with higher time frames, I’ll probably use the broker history to be more precise. Because if I test a system with ICMarket-live10 or ICMarket-live12, I have completely different results. I found that amazing and also disturbing. But may be it’s because I work with short time frames too…

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