Walk Forward Optimization: Forex Trading with Portfolio EAs

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Walk forward optimization is the new method to analyze  Forex algorithmic trading strategies

Walk forward optimization is the newest feature in the robustness testing of Expert Advisors. And especially Forex trading with Portfolio Expert Advisors is much more successful now because the strategies are more robust.

The new technology shows the traders if the strategies are over-optimized or not. In this Walk forward optimization course, Petko Aleksandrov, the main trader at EA Forex Academy will show you how it is possible to do automated Forex trading with 30 strategies simultaneously in one trading account with only 3 Portfolio Expert Advisors.

More, he will include in the 30 strategies that have passed the Walk forward optimization, and he will update the course every month with new 30 strategies.

This way you will be able to practice trading with the Portfolio EAs for Forex trading.

What is Walk forward optimization?

That is an advanced analytical tool which proves if the strategies are over-optimized or not. It uses Out of Sample and optimizer which combined together work fantastic. The strategies that show better backtest output give the trader better parameters, compared to the initial strategy. This improved the trading and at the same time eliminates the over-optimized strategies.

Why do we trade with many strategies in one account?

This way we diversify the risk in the account which is a key point to success. When one strategy starts to perform under the expectations, the others compensate for it.

Everyone knows that each strategy has profitable phases and losing phases. This is very normal for the Forex market. We want to trade the strategies when they are in their profitable phase.  So by trading with 30 strategies in one account, Petko Aleksandrov has the chance to leave in the account only the strategies that are in their profitable phases. This way only the trader uses only the profitable ones. Petko Aleksandrov will show you how he is doing this step by step and what results could be achieved.

The walk forward optimization course is suitable for beginner traders.

As well because you will receive the strategies ready for trading. You will need just about 15-20 min per week to follow the results.

What is the Portfolio Expert Advisor?

This is an Expert Advisor with many expert advisors inside and it trades on one trading chart on Meta Trader. Let’s say you trade with 20 strategies using Expert Advisors. You will need to опен 20 different trading chart windows on MetaTrader. With the Portfolio Expert Advisors, you are able to trade the same 30 strategies with one Expert Advisor on one chart window. This technology is possible with the strategy builder EA Studio.

The trader Petko Aleksandrov will demonstrate to you how he follows the results of all strategies and how to trade only the best performers.

What will you learn in this Walk forward optimization course?

  • trade with many strategies in the account and diversify the risk
  • ignore the emotions in trading with automated strategies
  • how to create Portfolio EAs by yourself without IT skills
  • the process of placing the EAs on Meta Trader and trade with them
  • practice on a Demo/virtual account without trading actual money
  • filter the strategies and trade only the ones that profit at the moment
  • spend less than 20 min per week to follow the results

You can use the Portfolio Expert Advisors even without trading experience. The Expert Advisors are ready for trading and the strategies are inside the code. Every trade opens and closes automatically. This way there are no emotions while trading. And emotions are the reason why most traders lose when trading.

In this Walk forward optimization course, Petko Aleksandrov will share with you the whole process he follows:

  • setting up the trading environment
  • exporting the Historical data(you will receive a script) from the broker
  • creating the strategies
  • analyzing their robustness
  • exporting as Expert Advisors without programming skills
  • placing the ready files on Meta trader and trading with them
  • following the results and filtering the strategies

Who is the instructor?

Petko Aleksandrov is the head trader at EA Forex Academy – the first algorithmic trading academy, where people can learn how to automate strategies into Expert Advisors without IT skills. The trader has traded for over 12 years and has taught over 14 500 traders during the last two years. Algorithmic trading is his specialty and in this course, he will share the most innovative tool for analysis – the Walk Forward Optimization.

Why professional traders prefer to use algorithmic trading?

  • It gives the opportunity to trade an unlimited number of strategies simultaneously, which is not possible in manual trading. This way more stable results are achieved
  • Most traders lose because they put feelings when trading, and with algo trading, those are eliminated
  • Precise statistics from the Expert Advisors help the traders to improve the trading strategies

If you have any questions, write in our trading Forum. Petko Aleksandrov will answer your question within 12 hours. Also, you will meet fellow traders who will share their experience with you.

We provide 30-days money back guarantee for all our courses, and if you decide that this is not your trading method you can always use it.

Enroll now, and automate your trading!

Enjoy the course!


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy.

I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally.

I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading.

With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.

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  • ivonemisters

    Trade like a better trader

    I have improved in the process of trading many strategies in one account, thanks to how you took time to demonstrate how you are successfully following the results of all strategies and how to trade only the best performers. It has been a long journey for me to arrive at my present destination. I have Petko and other Tutors I have passed through in the past to thanks
  • Sabastian Lim


    Just that the only thing that I don't totally agree with from your idea is that trading emotion will be totally removed when trading, except I did not get you right. Every trade opens and closes automatically. I totally agree that emotions are the reason why most traders lose when trading. Asides this your work is perfect and your strategies are profitable, thanks for sharing
  • Sharapova Sisi

    Great, Great, Great

    I have always been a one-way guy before going through this course. From this price action trading course, I was able to see that it is possible to profit in both directions, I now benefit when the price goes up and when it goes down. For me, it does not matter where the price is.
  • Tina

    A Pro Trader

    From my experience since adopting Aleks algo trading style, I discovered that nothing can compare to such experience. It gives me the opportunity to trade an unlimited number of strategies simultaneously, which is not possible in manual trading. With that i get more stable results. Great experience in trading with great profits
  • stomburglolet

    Better option

    I always tell my friends to be patient and take time to learn very well with Demo accounts but a lot of them always hastily jump into live trading. I am glad Petko emphasized that in this course and I feel that it is the secret to the success of many of his students because he believes in the principle of practicing on a Demo/virtual account without trading actual money. Patience is key in everything and that is working well for me. Thanks to my amiable Tutor
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