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Expert Advisors course – the solution in trading

Top EA Forex is what you are looking for? This might be the right course for you!

Expert Advisors course – Top 10 EURUSD strategies, is designed for traders who wish to use Forex algorithmic trading with Expert Advisors. We have created a portfolio of 50 strategies, and in this course, I will teach you how to select the best performers. You will see the best method to test different strategies and select the ones that are currently making a profit. And this is the only real thing you can do in trading. Even you do backtesting with Expert Advisors it is all in the past. But when you test strategies at the current moment you can see which ones are profiting. For the current market conditions.

We have re-recorded that course based on all reviews and feedback from our students. Now, we include not just 10 but 50 Top EA for Forex trading with EURUSD. And more, we will update the course with a new 50 EURUSD EAS every month.

You will receive the 50 EAs attached to the course as free Expert Advisors

We chose EURUSD because all the brokers have low spread on this currency, and no any trader or investor wishes to pay huge spreads. In this Expert Advisors course you will learn that when trading, the spread is crucially important.

I will show you the real performance of the Expert Advisors in this course, and I will teach you how to select the Top 10 EAs for yourself when you are taking this course.

Regardless of what level of experience you have already, with this Expert Advisors course, you will be able to bring your trading to the next level, and more you will make it easier and without stress. You will be using ready and tested by 1000s of students Expert Advisors.

What will you learn in this Expert Advisors course?

  • how to trade with 50 Expert Advisors properly without errors
  • you will know step by step the process of placing the 50 EURUSD EAs for testing on MetaTrader
  • how to use the magic numbers of the Expert Advisors so you can follow their results in details
  • connect your trading account with a statistical website so you can see much more details for the EAs
  • how to select the Top EA Forex strategies and place them on a live trading account
  • what criteria to follow in order to keep trading always the Top Expert Advisors

You will learn how to follow the results of all Expert Advisors, and this is very important when you trading a portfolio of strategies as in this Expert Advisors course.

The idea we follow in the Expert Advisors course is that you can always trade with the top strategies from the portfolio of 50 strategies that you will receive(free expert advisors). You are going to test the top 50 EAs on a Demo account, and you are about to select for the live account only those that profit on the current market conditions. And if any strategy starts to lose at a certain moment, you can always replace it with some of the others that are currently profiting on the market.

Once enrolled in this Top 10 EURUSD Expert Advisors course, you will have access to the updated EAs, and we will teach you how to follow their performance on a Demo account. This way you can select the Top 1, the Top 3, or any other number of strategies, and you place on the live trading account.

You will not spend money on trading robots that are very expensive, and work for a few weeks or months and then you have to buy new ones. This is normal because the market is different every day, every week, or month. That is why we can not expect to be profitable with the same parameters for the strategies all the time.

Also, by enrolling in the Expert Advisors course, you will trade many strategies in one account, you will diversify the risk, and you will not rely on one robot – the secret in Forex algorithmic trading. 

In this Forex algorithmic trading course, we diversify the risk by using 50 different Forex strategies, on 2 different time frames, and on the cheapest currency pair to trade – EURUSD!

Content and Overview

This Expert Advisors course is aimed at teaching traders to avoid emotions. The fear and greed are the two reasons why more than 95% of traders lose their money. When we do algorithmic trading, our job is to do the analysis of the trading account and to follow the performers that are currently profiting. We do not take decisions, which means we do not need to involve emotions.

You will start with a demonstration of how I have created the 50 Expert Advisors, and you will see step by step instructions on how to connect your trading account with a specialized website. When we use many Expert Advisors in one account, it is nearly impossible to follow their performance just from the trading History.

You will learn how I choose the Top 10 Expert Advisors, and I will help you find your own method of trading. More, you will have access to the new 50 Expert advisors monthly. Keep an eye on the topic in our Forum to know when the new EAs are coming: Updates in the courses

So you can start practicing, you will see step by step instructions on how to place the EAs on your platform Meta Trader, and you will be able to do it by yourself

By the end of this Expert Advisors course, you will have the confidence to trade with Expert Advisors and you will feel the great emotions of algorithmic trading.

Who is the instructor?

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. I have dedicated the last 2 years to record my trading and share it with people around the world. I am very happy that my courses cause such an interest, and only during the first year, we had over 10k students. In my courses, I share many Expert Advisors, which makes me very happy so others can benefit as well, and at the same time, 1000s of traders test my EAs. This way by having reported, I succeed to improve the courses faster.

After I graduated in Finance at the university, I worked for a couple of brokers and financial institutions. I went to study Forex trading in London, where I gained a lot of basic stable knowledge. The recent years I specialized in algorithmic trading, which is not the future of Forex trading, but the present. It makes me happy to share my trading systems, and I will be happy in this Expert Advisors course to share my strategies with you!

What more will I Learn in this Forex algorithmic trading course?

  • Generate many Expert Advisors, test them and see the best performers to use
  • Select the best EAs from the portfolio of Forex strategies to lower the risk
  • Trade fully automatically with and reach a professional level
  • Use more effectively EA Studio,  the web-based professional strategy builder, and see how to use it for Free

Requirements for the Expert Advisors course and trading with the Top 10 EA?

  • Strong desire to learn how to do algorithmic trading and create robust Expert Advisors
  • Basic knowledge about the Forex market will be useful, and we will teach you the rest you need
  • The desire to participate in Forex algorithmic trading and patience to learn

Who is the target audience for the Expert Advisors course?

  • Beginner or advanced traders who wish to use Expert Advisors for algorithmic trading
  • Students who are open-minded for innovations and desire to learn more and more
  • Traders without programming skills, with some experience in manual trading, but not a must

Are you ready to bring your trading to the next level?

You will learn to test each strategy for robustness by using a professional strategy builder called Expert Advisor Studio (there is a 15-day free trial available, you can sign up at practice along with the course). The EAs from this Expert Advisors course can be used in the Meta Trader platform, which is provided by the brokers for free.

I decided to share these free Expert Advisors because when many traders test them and give feedback to me we improve the strategies together. This way I can say my team is not only the people that are with me inside the office but all my students. We trade together and improve the strategies along.

As with all my other trading courses, once enrolled you will receive personal support from me in our trading Forum always within 12 hours.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you feel that this is not the trading style you can always use the option.

I can’t wait to see you inside the Expert Advisors course!

Enroll now, and I will help you improve your trading.

Petko A


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy.

I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally.

I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading.

With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.

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  • trade1234321

    A Course for serious minded people

    This course is not for you if you are the type that always looks for a shortcut and easy stuff that will fetch you quick money. To succeed in Forex you definitely need to have a strong desire to learn how to do algorithmic trading and create robust Expert Advisors, So fasten your seat belt and get ready for a serious business here. No kidding
  • stomburglolet


    I wish I had come across this course earlier, you guys were busy uploading courses on stuffs I already know. Anyway, thank you at last for coming through for me. Trust me, this Forex algorithmic trading course teaches you how to diversify the risk by using 50 different Forex strategies, on 2 different time frames, and on the cheapest currency pair to trade. Isn't that cool?
  • Sharapova Sisi

    Looks Real

    Petko is actually trying his best, though his best might not be the best in the whole world, but he is doing some stuff right and I like that. By the end of this Expert Advisors course, you will have the confidence to trade with Expert Advisors and you will feel the great emotions of algorithmic trading.
  • George Lane

    This is reality

    I am obviously old enough in trading to be able to differentiate between a real Tutor and Expert Advisor Studio and a fake one. I have this honest feeling that Pet is doing stuffs rightly. I wont force anyone to follow him but I can only speak for myself
  • ivonemisters


    Just like me, no matter the level of your experience when it comes to trading, with Aleksandrov's Expert Advisors course, you will be able to bring your trading to a totally whole new level, giving you the convenience to make your trading easier and without stress. Most beautiful part of it is that, you will be using ready and tested by over 1000 plus students Expert Advisors. The experience is beautiful and it is greatly boosting my confidence
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