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Category - Top 10 Robots

Introduction to the Top 10 Robots App
What is the Top 10 Robots App? The Top 10 Robots App, developed by EA Trading Academy, is an innovative […]
History and Development of the Top 10 Robots App
Background and Origin The Top 10 Robots App was developed by EA Trading Academy with the aim of democratizing access […]
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Stats period
Description: Allows users to explore strategies based on different statistical periods, providing a more in-depth view of their performance. Values:
Description: Showcases the best-performing strategies across all symbols. Includes various sorting options based on metrics like Profit Factor and Count […]
Latest (all symbols)
Description: Highlights the newest robots that have been added. Regularly check to discover the latest robots in the collections.
Add strategies
Description: This feature allows users to add the top-performing strategies to their collection. Options: Use Case: Helps users quickly compile […]
Description: This feature enables users to download their selected strategies in various formats. Options: Remove all: Clears all selected strategies […]
Created NN Days Ago
Indicates the date when the strategy was initially created by Express Generator. This metric provides users with the context of […]
Added NN Days Ago
Shows the date when the strategy was added to the app. Indicates that the strategy demonstrated good performance in a […]
Displays the total profit made by the Expert Advisor over the specified period.
Shows the maximum drawdown experienced during the trading period, representing the peak-to-trough decline in account balance.
A statistical measure indicating how well the strategy’s performance is influenced by broader market movements. It helps to assess the […]
Count of Trades
The total number of trades executed by the Expert Advisor during the specified period.
Profit Factor
The ratio of gross profits to gross losses over the specified period. It indicates the overall profitability of the strategy.
Return to DD (Return to Drawdown)
Measures the risk-adjusted return of the trading strategy, calculated by dividing the total return by the maximum drawdown. It evaluates […]
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Articles coming soon
Articles coming soon
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