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      User Avatardommech

      Hi all,

      thinking of using a VPS service other than thru mql5 witch ones are you using and why?

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @dommech-Hey there! This is a great topic of discussion. I currently am using my brokers’ VPS right now. I have tried Metatraders’ VPS in the beginning, but they only let you use a maximum of 16 EAs for 10USD/month on one terminal. So that’s why I didn’t use them anymore. My broker charges 25USD/month and I am successfully running 4 MT5 terminals (3 are live accounts with 9 EAs each on them and 1 demo account with about 36 EAs currently running).

      I am interested in looking into an outside vendor, so I am curious about other people’s experience. I’m probably going to have a maximum of 10 MT5 terminals running with about 50 EAs on each one. I’m not sure if I should get a dedicated server or continue with a VPS. I keep seeing ads coming up on Facebook for a company called Forex VPS, but that could also be because of my google searches lately.

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      User Avatarhamselv

      @jacpin2002: Sounds interesting. What’s the name of your VPS/broker?

      Does anybody know how much CPU power MT4 uses compared to MT5?

      Thanks 🙂

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      Hello guys,

      before placing it all on local computers I used Contabo VPS services. Please, do not take it as recommendation, but they were just fine.

      Also, they have huge variety of plans. More, they are not connected with a broker, and personally I would not place my EAs with broker’s VPS, specially the one that I use for trading.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @hamselv-My broker is Coinexx. I’m a US trader, so I’m kind of limited to my choice in brokers to trade with, but this broker has treated just fine and I have been with them since September 2018.

      I personally have no idea about the CPU usage between MT4 and MT5. Honestly, if somebody can show me how to find how much my MT5 terminals are using on my VPS, that would be great as it would help when shopping around.

      @Petko-Yeah, I remember you saying something like that before. I’m going to check out all of the vendors listed that people respond with so I can make that move from my broker. I’m gonna need for these other vendors to beat the 25USD that I am paying per month right now, though. 🙂

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      Hey Jacpin,

      with the VPS service the price really depends from the specifications of the VPS you select. Go easy with small, and when it starts to get slower when you place more MT terminals, than you will need to update it.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-Thanks for that. I’m definitely going to follow that advice. Now time to start researching and narrow down some choices.

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      User AvatarAndi

      I think much better to have 2-3 desktop computer + laptop if you travel. Yeah, it is investment, but in longer term it will recover.

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      User AvatarGeorge Steel

      Hey, Andi, that is investment man! Not everyone can afford it. Most people are skeptical about trading and they want to see first some results before investing in equipment.

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      Right, everyone has it’s choice how to trade, depending on what can be afforded. Just like there are people trading with thousands in the accounts and there are some with 100-200 dollars.

      The important is to start smart, and slowly. No big risk. Easy.

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      User AvatarDesita

      I agree with Andi! It is better to invest with home equipment, and to spend less or nothing for VPS services or other things that will not last with you.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      I have a question for everyone…how does having the home equipment affect your power utilities? I was wondering about the cost for electricity in powering this equipment. Just a way for me to compare the monthly costs with a VPS…

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Jacpin,

      I have never thought about that, I do not think it is really a cost… I mean I have so many electrical appliances, that the PC I think is the lowest in cost.

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      I think it is a small cost too. Specially if it is a regular computer, not a heavy server.

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      User AvatarKiromasterbitcoin

      Well, I can say it is small, digging Bitcoins is huge cost 🙂

      Regarding the VPS service, if I take one, can I monitor it from a tablet or phone when I am away?

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      Hello Kiro,

      yes, I think you can connect the VPS to the tablet.  You can do it with the Remote Desktop Connection. Just install one on your tablet, and connect it with the VPS.


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      User AvatarAndi

      If you want to follow the reslults of your trading portfolio, you can monitor the account from the FX Blue. You just need to update the page everytime.

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      That is actually how I follow results when I am outside 🙂

      Anyway, with the time I learned not to check too often, that is the idea of algorithmic trading anyway. But I know curiosity is very strong when trading.

      So if you just want to see how the EAs perform and where is the account, it is better to use the website for stats.

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