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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      I’m struggling in making this decision as the EA balance chart will change from time to time. Could you share the hard rules you use for changing EA? I’m agreed on the 10% drawdown but I’m unable to decide on the time period.

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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      The second question is when do I decide the EA is performing again?

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      Hello Simon,

      I am not sure if I get your question…do you mean changing the EA in the live account?

      If so, it depends on the rules that you follow. What do you follow on the Demo account to decide if this is a good strategy fr your live account?

      It makes sense to keep the same rules in the live account.

      For example, if you are looking to trade on live only the EAs with Profit Factor > 1.3 than you would remove the EAs from the live that fall below 1.3 PF.


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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      Yes, what I meant is for live account. The list (top 10) will keep changing, but my EA in live account (drawdown still below 10%). Should I keep changing according to the top list? In what frequency should I change it?

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      Hey Simon,

      I usually look at my statistics every day. However, it depends on the EAs. If they are active EAs on M1 and M5 and they open many trades per day, you will need to monitor the results daily.

      If you go on M15 and H1 it is enough to look at the results 2 times a week.

      In my courses, I show different approaches of how to follow their results and keep the top EAs in the live account.

      There is no 100% answer to that because it depends on many things and as you know the market changes all the time.

      Give it a try on 2 different Demo accounts and see how it goes.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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