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      User AvatarBastian

      Hi all,


      I am new to the EA game and have been learning and testing for the last 6 months. I have not gone live yet but will do that next week.

      In the meantime, as I write a trading plan which will keep me in check and stop me from being too greedy as the current results are very promising, I needed to set my expectations of what is possible. For that I wanted to ask the group, what returns are you guys getting or what goals have you set for yourselves?

      To give you my numbers as an example, I created 200 EAs and bundled them into 2 portfolios. USD EUR 15M. Based on the backtesting I can expect 10x equity over 4 years. Now that would be about 175% return a year. Sounds already crazy. I then use a statistical method which I have been testing which basically double to triples the profitability. Sounds even more crazy. Based on my demo account over the last month…..it is bang on. WTF right???

      I am currently fine tuning the statistical approach by each 200 EAs which takes about 3 days for my simulation in PowerBI to run…..so hopefully that will give me an additional increase before going live on Monday.

      Pulling all of this together I am looking at 200-400% return a year. Is that in the area of actually being possible or am I just crazy?? Because that would mean I can quite my job about this time next year.

      What are you guys aiming for and what have you seen is possible?? I understand that this might be sensitive for many but just an indication would already be helpful!!

      Thank you


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      User AvatarBastian

      I thought I share the last 32 days of the 200 EAs below. These ones are the vanilla EAs from EA studio that we picked. Performance is good but not mind blowing. Ignore the equity and balance, i use 500 EAs on that account. Based on the current drawdown I would run it on 5k account.



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      User AvatarBastian

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      User AvatarBastian

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      User AvatarBastian

      Here the exact same EAs but with my pimped statistical method. I would run that in an 8k account.

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      User AvatarBastian

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      User AvatarBastian

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      Hello Bastian,

      I am glad to see you sharing the results. A few years back I realized that such a thing is possible only with Strategy builders like EA Studio and FSB pro. This is why I decided to implement them in the academy and in the courses.

      Your purpose now is to stabilize the portfolio and avoid the drawdowns that you see (such as the one you had in the beginning).

      One of the ways to do it is to use different assets or add different currency pairs. And the second way is to create more different strategies from a SL and TP perspective. For example, strategies with very small TP and a huge SL and vice versa.

      Personally, my goal is 50% a month. That is what I have been following and it is very achievable. However, I don’t show this in the courses because it really sounds crazy. And most people won’t believe simply because most lose!

      Keep up the good work!


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      User AvatarAndi


      These are great results Bastian!

      Good job!

      What I can suggest to you from using the software since the beginning is just to stop thinking if you are on a live or on Demo. Focus on the strategies themselves!

      At one moment, when you are ready with the portfolio and the general strategy that you follow, you will just switch to live and everything will continue…

      Keep up the good work!


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      User AvatarBastian

      Hi Andi and Petko,

      your thoughts are much appreciated and very encouraging!

      Just a follow up question, please?! My understand is that it all comes down to profit / draw down ratio. I understand that adding more strategies with SL and TP and diversification through uncorrelated assets/currencies will improve my profit / draw down ratio further. But how do you determine your equity need for a portfolio?:

      e.g. if I have $10k equity in an account at day 1. Assuming I have a 50% month on month return, I would theoretically have about $1.2m by day 365 (12 months later) assuming I compound every months wins and increase the lot sizes accordingly. If my max draw down would be just 10% more than my equity at day 1, that would not be an issue as I can easily put in $1000 bucks. But if I suddenly need to push in $120k because I have $1.2m in my account, that would mean a margin call.

      So how do you determine the required equity for your portfolio across multiple strategies, currencies, asset classes to mitigate a margin call?

      Or do you just not increase the lot sizes at the same pace as the account grows to minimise risks but make less return as a trade off?

      Big thanks in advance for your thoughts!






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      Hey Bastian,

      Your questions are very logical, and this is a big topic…so I am glad that you started it.

      Well, many factors will not allow you to go gradually with your plan all the time.

      For example, if you have issues with computers, VPS, and the internet. Somethings small things might cause unexpected results.

      Also, we are humans, so quite often, we make mistakes for any reason. The one I remember the most is one trader complained that he fell asleep with the tablet in hands. All night rolling around, he opened and closed many positions… 🙂 I know this won’t happen to you, but yes, it happens that we make some mistakes. This is why it is very important to deal with EAs and trading in general when you are very fresh and not tired.

      Another thing, I would suggest you is always to withdraw some of your profit for something nice…family, vacations, improve your standard of life. Invest in some business or anything that will diversify your income even more.

      A lot of traders make profits, and they never withdraw. Just increasing the account doesn’t make sense if you don’t enjoy in some way.

      For example, I always withdraw 20% of the profit…but that is a personal choice, of course.


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      User AvatarMatt

      I have been trying an ea portfolio trading methodology for around 18 months to 2 years using EAs from some of the courses. Unfortunately I have not seen any great success with it. I had a period of around one month when my live account was up around 30%, the majority of the time I’ve been largely flat, although I am now down 50%.

      I have stuck with it to now despite a lack of success as I feel there is merit in this approach however I haven’t been able to realise it. I’m really stuck now on how or even if to proceed.

      I wonder is anyone managing to make profits in their live accounts? If so, how many EAs are you running in demo and typically what percentage of those you run in live at any one time?

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      Hey Matt,

      Did you analyze that one month where you were up with 30% and compare it with the other months?

      What did you trade differently? Did you use the same EAs during the whole period or you are updating every month?

      Are you using EAs from the courses or you create your own? If you use the courses which broker do you use?

      Also, if you create your own how do you do it?

      Let me know so we can give you some more tips.

      Also, ho come you had a month of +30% and the other flat, but in general, you are -50%?

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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      Your expected profit is 50% per month. May I know how many percent of capital you invest to reach that amount of profit?

      Also, may I know what is your drawdown? Can you maintain profit every month?

      I starting to lose some capital but I think mainly because I didn’t change the EA. Wanted to set some reasonable expectation here.

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      Hello Simon,

      What do you mean by how many percent of capital I invest?

      There is the capital, and you always risk the amount of all SLes in the strategies. This is the risk.

      I avoid drawdown bigger than 10%. I remove all EAs from live accounts that show a drawdown of 10%.

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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      What I mean is how many percents are you risking at one time? For example, you have $10000 to invest. How many percents you willing to lose if all EA hit the SL? I understand the rule of thumb that we should we 2% but I want to know your personal risk-taking to set some expectation.

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      Hey Simon,

      Glad to hear from you again!

      Yes, 2% is the smartest you can keep. I allow myself sometimes to go to 5%. Anyway, it depends on the lots as well.

      What I always suggest as a good approach s to trade with 0.01 and just add more and more tested (on a Demo) EAs.


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      User Avatarjbcdk

      Hi Petko,

      I started a live account mid February 2020 with € 3,000. Mid March my balance was 2,070, but today it is 5,499. I have in total had 75 EA’s on my account over time and for the moment I have 12 EA’s on the account. I follow my accounts with FX Blue.

      You wrote that you avoid drawndown bigger than 10% and remove EA’s from live accounts with drawndowns of 10%. How do you calculate drawndown from a single EA on the live account?

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      Hello Jbcdk,

      Glad to hear from you in the Forum. It looks like you are doing a great job with the EAs in the account. And the profits you have are nice.

      I upload back the EAs in EA Studio and recalculate with the recent Historical Data. That is the easiest and fastest way to see the statistics with the EAs.

      Also, you can drop many EAs in the collection using the Validator.


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      User Avatarsuraj.bhawan

      What would be a realistic aim for someone who is considering starting out with lets say $1,000 using EA’s from your courses, top EA’s from multiple courses?

      The EA’s provided under:

      1. Forward Walk Optimiztion

      2. Forex Strategy Course: 12 EA’s

      3. Forex Trading Strategies from a Professional Trader: 5 EA’s

      4. Automated Forex Trading Course: 99 EA’s


      Would a 20% per month be aiming too high?

      The method of selecting the EA’s would be top performing EA’s from demo to live.


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      Hey Suraj,

      I guess you will find out soon. 🙂

      It’s hard to say because there is never a guarantee, bt yes, personally I think that 20% is a realistic to target.

      How many EAs are you planning to trade on that 1k account and with what lot size?

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      User Avatarsuraj.bhawan

      Thank you for feedback Petko

      I was considering starting with 10 with lot size 0.01, gradually adding more EA’s

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      Good! This way, you will have a very low risk.

      I would suggest you, with the time just to add more EAs, instead of increasing the lots.

      This will bring you better risk diversification.

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      User Avatarsuraj.bhawan

      Thank you Petko for the guidance.

      What’s the maximum one should push to in terms of EA’s on a $1,000 Account?

      additionally when should one start considering increasing position sizing rather than adding more EAs?

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      User AvatarAndi

      I wouldn’t go with more than 50 EAs in such account, and as Petko said you better look for diversification by using different strategies. Lots should be increased when the account grows.

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      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      This month I am +15 percent with the EAs from the Robots bundles and I feel so satisfied with the results!

      I never did profits before when doing manual trading, and now I feel I am in the right way.

      I do my best to keep the suggestions from Petko for money management and equal exposure for the currencies.

      Thanks, Petko, for sharing your EAs!

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      User Avatarnu2this2

      Hey Bastian,

      Very impressive results. Can you share more how you use Power BI to improve the EAs performance?

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      Guys, just to make something clear:

      When someone shares results that must not be accepted as a promise…

      Quite often I get the questions about what profits I do every month, what are the expected returns from the EA. It depends on so many things.

      The market is different every month. I might get some good results because I have a lot of experience, but at the same time, this does not guarantee even to me that there will be the same results next month.

      Just remember that every month is different, and we just do our best in each month. That is all.


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      User Avatarmentosan

      Hello all,

      after a long time only reading this very interesting forum, I decided to create an account and to join you because it seems to me that here can I find really nice and intelligent people…

      Mr. Petko, I’ve seen you try to make 50% profit per month. I’ve also seen your EAs build in the 15M and 1H timeframes, but for sure  you are most focused on just one timeframe. Or let’s say you prefer one time frame and are trying to make 50% profit/month more on one time frame than the other. Can you please clarify this aspect for us as well, in what time frame you are trying to achieve a profit of 50% per month?



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      I’m also keen to understand this, and what the best combination (timeframes, number of EAs, month/weekly updates, forex + crypto etc…????) achieves the best returns.

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      Hey guys,

      I am definitely using M15 and H1 the most. And I still can’t say which is the better one. I find the best results when I combine them.

      At the end of the day, it is all about risk diversification. The more EAs we have, the more time frames, the more assets, the better chances we have.

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      An update with the expectations for results.

      One of my accounts with a balanced portfolio of 12 EAs in October did a 30% profit. I recorded it in the new updated of the EA Studio Professional course.

      At the same time, the others did less… so it really depends on how well you will combine different EAs in the same account.

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      User AvatarTravis Nose

      Hello, fellow traders in the forum!

      I am reading the forum a lot, but I do not write a lot…

      I wanted to share that in the last 3 months I achieved 10-15% monthly profit. Is that a good profit, or should I aim at bigger targets?

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hey Travis,


      10 – 15% is great! My advice is to just apply money management, and if your growth continues, your profits will grow.

      If you’re comfortable to do it, you can share with the forum which broker you are using, and which EAs?



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      User Avatardstoykovic



      Do you have a subscribe to your live trades option anywhere?

      So that people could see what you’re doing or follow exactly what you’re doing?

      As a student of yours, I’d like to see some good profits each month consistently, like yourself.





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      Hey Deyan,

      No, we do not have copy-trading or signal service.

      We are Academy so people can actually learn how to trade. If you follow signals or you copy someone you won’t learn anything, and that is exactly what we want to avoid.


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      User Avatarivonemisters

      Hey Petko,

      I do not want to compare my results with yours, but how did you do the last month?

      I was 12,4% up with the EAs I trade with, and I was 45% up with my Crypto Investing. ANd I was just wondering if that is alright or not?

      I am happy with it but I wish to know if I can aim for higher results… 🙂

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      Hey Ivone,

      You are doing quite well!

      With Crypto I did more…but the market is just insane with some coins 🙂 I can call it more of luck sometimes 🙂

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      Guys, I know you all aim at huge profits, but keep in mind that when there are unpredictable market conditions (Russian-Ukrainian war) we can see the EAs losing money. They are created on a backtest of Historical data that is with a normal supply and demand behavior.

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      User AvatarBastian

      Now the next lot are the exact same EAs but pimped with my statistical method. I would run that on a 8k account. Going forward I will also compound any wins meaning I will increase the lot size as the account grows as the risk remains the same.

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      That looks pretty good Bastian!

      Keep us updated!

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