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      Hello guys,

      it also happens to you that the Acceptance Criteria is not accepted by the Reactor all the time until it has led you to despair? Everyone is responsible for generating their own EAs. I wanted to know how you behave. Do you have an example of Exel tables where you have the whole in overview? Can you take a few screenshots to show your Acceptance Criteria values? This would make it easier for me and for many of you who are still at the start.

      I hope you can assist my ignorance


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      Hello Oscar,

      Well, the message says clearly where the problem could be. You acceptance criteria are somehow too strict.

      What you can do is to remove the criteria. Run the generator. Do you see strategies? If yes, add acceptance criteria starting from the number of trades. Start with 100. Run the generator again. Go with 200 and run it again…this way you will see where is your limit.

      Do the same thing for your other selections in the acceptance criteria. And when you do that remove the Monte Carlo, Multi-Market or whatever you use. Just to make sure you are getting into it step by step.

      Now, it could be the case that you have very small Historical data. How many bars you have on M15 or H1?



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      User Avatarcentcel

      I use GBPJPY …the bars are almost 2076 bars, only M15, that´s the beginner time frame.

      I run it with Reactor many times as I used the Acceptance criteria recommendations from Desita, Andy and Haliffa and many more … just its proper worse than before coz not any of the values does pass the test and then generate strategies.

      Well I saw also any of your Videos from the EA Studio Update and just startet it just only with Generator and I don´t became to see any strategies too.

      I tried to registrate to an demo account by Papperstone, you´d recommendet it coz they have the best offers of historical dates but I can´t finish the registration

      An another obstacle that maybe I could have is can´t download FSB Pro to start the trial. I send already many messages to your team for support.

      I preg for your understanding for this situation.

      I will remove monte carlo, multi market or whatever I use but I´m not sure if this will work after that. So I suggest we have a call phone for support to find out where lies the problem.

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      User Avatarcentcel

      or maybe is some trouble with my computer, but one thing is sure I can´t work with it. It´s shame that just on the middle of my education my pc strikes. Lol.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Centcel,

      The problem is very obvious – you have 2076 bars!!! You can not create strategies with so small number of bars. Look again at the videos of Petko. He uses around 100 000 bars on M15. Or you look at the MetaTrader-Demo Data source in EA Studio it has over 100k bars for the assets.

      2k bars is small number mate, you need to collect the data or find a broker with more bars. But all at the beginning show a small number of bars. You can guess why 🙂

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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hello Andy

      By searching another brocker that offers more bars you need to open a live accont. Isn´t it?  I remmember by Petko´s saying this is just possible by a live account. Could you recommend me a good brockers how offers high number of bars or historical data for good generating of strategies??

      Which brockers do you have or use? Thx a lot…

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      Hello Centcel,

      I agree with Andi, that the number of bars is too small. Most probably that is the reason why you can not get any strategies using the generator or the reactor.


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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hi Petko

      I mainly use JFD-Demo account only, it offers more assets than other accounts I have registered. Added the EA Studio Data Export Script to the main currencies that JFD has to offer and then imported it into EA Studio and then I just have this small number of bars.

      I would be gladdly at which brokers offer the most attractive assets with biggest number of bars to generate strategies. Since I am now already more than 2 weeks practicing and studying I thought, I’ll ask you which ones are your favorites.

      Please excuse my inability.

      Actually I shouldn’t have it so hard, especially as a beginner. 😉


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      Hello Centcel,

      Glad to hear from you. If you are using JFD Demo account, then you should use the MetaTrader-Demo data source that comes by default in EA Studio. This data is coming exactly from JFD Demo. So you do not need to worry about the data at all. No need to export it and import it. It imports automatically every couple of hours and you have a huge number of bars that is just enough.

      Hope that will make your day sunny 🙂

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