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    Cheers, David! Do not hesitate to drop me any other questions.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Great topic here. Somehow I have missed the recent posts. So far I am paying for VPS too, I will think about going on desktop computer and placing it all there. I do believe with more powerful one I will be bale to run all of the 4 Meta Traders that I have currently on the VPS.


    Hello Haliffa,

    Thank you for your comment. Can I ask you how many cores and RAM you use on your VPS to run four MetaTraders?

    Thank you!


    Hi David,

    I am using basic Forex VPS with 4 course and 8 Ram + SSD. Sometimes it gets a bit slow, but I do not think it causes problems with the execution of the trades. Just when I have many charts opened, and i click over each, it delays…I asked Petko, he said it is normal.

    Now I started looking at desktops as I have calculated that it is a better investment, and I will have fully control over it.


    Hi Petko.

    The basic plan at Contabo you mentioned, is that with a dedicated server or a shared server? I ask because the price is significant higher with a dedicated server.



    Hey David,

    Gooood question here…i really do not remember that to be honest with you. I remember there wes some extra cost for the Windows server, but I believe it with shared server.

    I do not want to mislead you, so you better contact their support and ask them what exactly their plans include. Also, it is possible to have some changes since I have used it.

    kind regards,
    Petko A


    I have placed it all on my laptop and my computer and it is fine. Even I restart it all, the 99 EAs continue to manage the opened trades, the worst thing is to miss a trade. But I am trading on M 15 so I restart it between the opening of new bars, and I do not miss trades.


    Good point here Thetrader. The EAs open new positions on the opening with the new bars(with EA Studio). So if you restart the computer in the middle would not interfere the trading at all.


    I followed your advice, Petko. Stopped the Forex VPS and took a desktop computer – 16 RAM, SSD, i7 – 8700 CPU, 3.2GHz

    I do believe this configuration will easily run couple of Meta Traders together


    Hello Pete,

    yes, I use very similar configuration on my computers. You will be able to trade on few Meta Traders simultaneously.

    The best thing to do is to place them one by one, and when it starts to slow down your computer, you will know where is the maximum.


    Hi Petko.

    Thanks for all your answers. I’m about to choose a VPS. Is the time zone of the VPS important? I mean I want to use your 99 EAs. Your EAs are developed and tested with data in a specific time zone depending where the MT4 servers you used are located. So for instance if your 99 EAs are developed with data from MT4 servers in Bulgaria, should I then choose a VPS located in Bulgaria to get the best results? If I e.g. choose a VPS in USA then the time difference is several hours and I assume that can have a significant impact on some of the EAs.



    Hello Hamselv,

    no, the time zone on the VPS or on your computer does not have impact with these EAs.

    The EAs are on M15 chart and this chart is one and the same on all time frames. Same as M1, M5, H1 chart. Now the H4, D1, W and M charts have differences as their open and close prices are different with the different time zones.

    For example, here in Bulgaria we are two hours earlier than UK. So our H4 candles open 2 hours earlier, just in the middle of the UK H4 candles.

    So if you are trading on any of the lower times frames, you can select any Forex VPS that works for you.

    Kind regards,


    Hi again Petko.

    I see. So H1 is the limit because the differences in time zones are at least one hour. And I assume that the EAs don’t use hour/minute specific strategies (like go long at 11:30).



    There are trading hours with FSB Pro. But I am not a fan using those…I think it is not stable to use hours in the EAs.


    By the way Hamselv, which Forex VPS are you planning to take?

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