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    Hello Petko,

    I am very happy I found your course: Automated Forex Trading + 99 Expert Advisors Every Month. What kind of VSP setup do I need to have to successfully run 99 EAs in my demo account? I was speaking to a representative at my broker and he thought that might be too many EAs to run on a VPS. What kind of advice can you offer related to this?

    Thank you,



    Hello David,

    Glad to hear you liked my course. It really gives a lot of possibilities, and with the updates that are coming up every month it is priceless..actually, this is the reason why we decided to lower the prices of the courses because such course with such update as 99 new EAs every month is really priceless, so we just discounted them..

    However, I really avoid suggesting brokers and Forex VPS services, because these are external companies, and we are not related to any of them.

    There are many Forex VPS providers that you can find, maybe 100s or 1000s. I would just suggest you to avoid using the broker’s Forex VPS because this way you will give them easier way to control and manipulate your account. I do not say that they do it, but we never know if they won’t do it.

    But to make it easier for you, last we used Contabo as Forex VPS. The very basic plan will work for you, and you will be able to install and use at least 2 Meta Trader platforms, one with the 99 EA and the other one to separate the top performers.

    The 99 EAs work well on Meta Trader you can inform your broker’s support. Keep in mind that the support of the brokers are people who are just answering questions, no idea about trading and Expert Advisors, and Meta Trader. They just answer questions…:)

    Let me know if there is anything else.



    Oh, my. I didn’t even think about how my broker could affect my account. I am currently using the VPS that my broker is providing. I have 2 MT5 platforms running-demo with the 99 EAs and live with currently 3 EAs. I haven’t had any issues, but I will keep a better eye on the account to be sure.


    Petko, thank you so much for the reply. I will let you know how it goes with the VPS that I use.

    I found a VPS that is not affiliated with my broker, but is recommended by them. The broker actually has three VPS companies they recommend. The broker will actually reimburse for the VPS if you meet a balance requirement. Does this sound like a VPS situation I should be concerned about?


    Hey guys,

    hard to answer the last question. Simply, there are 1000s of brokers already and all work differently. I can not say really about your case, but as Jacpin says, you should keep an eye on it always, and have in mind that the brokers benefit when we lose(forget the thing they benefit only the spread)

    Now I have worked before for couple of brokers, and they really work differently. But most of the time there is the old A book and B book. In A book are the people who profit, and there are different way to manipulate the accounts to lower the profits in these account. And this is most of the time with manual trading. And that is one of the main reasons why I the recent years I have started more algorithmic trading. There is not too much there to be done from the brokers. As said most of the people working there have no idea about Expert Advisors, which gives as some security.


    Thank you Petko. Do you have any specific good or bad stories with OANDA?


    No, I have not traded with them. May be some of the other students can share experience.

    Please, just do not place link for any brokers, anyway we will remove the post.

    It is good to have discussion, as I always aim to protect the traders from the Scam brokers, but in the same time I do not want to promote any of the brokers.


    Thank you Petko!


    Petko, thank you again for answering all my questions. I wanted to ask you specifically about the VPS setup. How many cores, and how much RAM, do you recommend the VPS have? Do you have multiple VPS setup for all your different strategies, or do you just beef up your cores and RAM on one or two VPS?

    Thank you! Here’s to a fantastic Saturday!


    Hey David,

    You are welcome, mate. Well to be honest with you the recent one year I am not using VPS anymore. We have placed it all on local computers.

    First of all in long term it is cheaper(paying Forex VPS each month will cost a new computer after 2-3 years). Second, I prefer to have control over it. I do not want to bother about having my strategies, Meta Traders, and basically money in another company servers. But that is me…

    Now, recently we were using Contabo (please do not take it as recommendation, just to make it easier for you) and there the basic plan with SSD, four cores and 8 GB as far as I remember was enough to run 2-3 Meta Traders with many Expert Advisors into, even with 99 EA. I hope that makes it clearer.

    Have a great weekend too! Do not hesitate to drop me any other questions.

    Kind regards,


    Thank you Petko! That makes a lot of sense having your own computers. I will try things out and eventually I will plan to get my own dedicated computers. I’ll be happy to reach out to you with any other questions.

    This is going to be fun!


    Hey David, I am happy I could assist you with this. Just take it easy, you can start Forex VSP where you can place your Expert Advisors but if you are looking in trading in longer term, you can start with a normal desktop computer(normally cheaper than the Laptop), and you can place the 3-4 Meta Trader platforms which is totally enough for beginning.

    I say desktop computer because it is easier to keep it connected to the internet all the time. When people use laptops they always move it, take it away on travel, or do not keep it with the charger. All these interruptions to the internet effect the performance of the Expert Advisors. This is where having a dedicated Forex VPS comes useful, but as said above a Desktop computer would work just fine.

    You are welcome to ask me any questions at any moment.

    Wonderful Sunday night!


    Petko, I did have a question about your desktop. Do you have any worries about latency, or speed of transactions to your broker?

    Thank you!


    Hey David,

    I am not sure if I get your question exactly, but if you are asking if using a desktop computer would cause issues in transactions, the answer is No.

    The latency or speed of execution comes from the broker and not from us. The broker is the one standing between and the real market.

    Once we are connected to the server of the broker, whenever there is an order the Broker is obliged to execute it immediately. And if there is some delay it is because of the broker, not because of us or where we have the platform, on Forex VPS, on a desktop or computer.


    Petko, that answers my question perfectly.

    Thank you!

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