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      Hi Petko, could you provide some advice on using the “Entry hour” indicator? I am generating strategies and then trying to use the Entry Hour indicator in the editor to isolate the hours that the strategy is most profitable. But when i add the relevant hours as a preset indicator, I am not getting the results I expect – the win / loss ratio does not improve, and the actual profit and loss values of trades entered in my chosen hours change after i have added the indicator. You can see an example in the attached screenshots. Its a basic USDJPY strategy with a 18 pip SL: 18 pip TP which looks to perform best between 16:00 and 19:00, but then i add those hours on the preset indicator, the results actually worsen and the profit and loss values change? I have tried to generate the strategy from scratch in the generator, having the Entry time, plus my other signal in the present indicators, but i get a message to say:
      No Possibility to Generate a Strategy Please enable more entry or exit indicators.

      Also is there a video / guide to explain when you can use Entry Hour on the optimizer? I have tried checking the “Optimize preset indicators” box in the Optimizer, with a minimum trade count on the acceptance criteria, but it does not seem to work. I have good basic strategies generating high trade volumes, but I want to reduce the trade count by just have the resulting EA trade at the most profitable hours of the day.

      Thanks in advance for your help

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      I guess this is because you set a limit hour as well. So the EA will close the trades at the last bar (in this case, at 19).

      So when the trades are opened, the trades might not reach TP or SL and be somewhere in the negative for this short period of time, for example.

      When you had the same strategy working all day long, the EAs were not limited in time.

      What you marked in the first pic is ”by entry hour”.

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      User AvatarSteveM2030

      Thanks Petko, but I am not sure where I set a limit hour? I only wanted to isolate the times at which the trade is opened, which I thought was the purpose of the “entry time” indicator. I don’t want to restrict the time that the trade closes, i simply want it to hit SL or TP. I can’t see a setting where I have instructed EA Studio to close the trades at the last bar and if you see in the final picture – “profit and loss by exit hour” it shows that trades are closing at all hours of the day, not just at 19:00?

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      If you set them to close at the last hour then all your trades will close.

      For example, if you set it until 23:00 this means that all opened trades will close at 22:45 for M15, 22:55 for M5, and 22:59 for M1.

      I am not sure if this is what you need?

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