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      User AvatarAl Valcarcel

      In darwinex, would using multiple EAs fool the bot into not picking up the correlation of others using the same robot. I’m enjoying your student’s US30 EA that you had on YouTube but afraid to use it on darwinex because others will be using the same robot.

      Would adding some manual trades along with the EA avoid the correlation?

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      User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

      Using multiple Expert Advisors (EAs) on Darwinex may reduce the likelihood of being detected for correlation, but it does not guarantee it. Darwinex uses sophisticated algorithms to detect correlated trading patterns, which means that if multiple EAs produce similar trading signals, the system might still identify the correlation.

      It is best to use a different robot that is probably not used much on Darwinex because if you use a popular EA and they understand that there are a lot of accounts with the same robot, they might not allow both to withdraw any payouts. In this case, to make it individual, make sure to just use a unique robot, e.g. change magic number, modify the TP and SL and other properties slightly.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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