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      Hello everyone,


      i would like to know one thing:


      is a problem if while exporting data for ea studio i put a spread like 2x than normal?


      i ask this because sometimes (like at the opening of the market) the spread is bigger than normal.


      one thing that i have seen is that the closed orders in EA studio aren’t the same than MT4.


      but if a strategy is profitable with bigger spread, is also profitable with small spread?


      thank you

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      Hello Edu,

      I think I mention in most of my courses that is much better to work with a bigger spread in EA Studio than the normal (most of the time floating).

      Yes, some difference could appear in the backtest exactly because of the spread.

      More, in Monte Carlo, you have the option to test the strategy with spread variations. This is if your broker has a huge interval in floating spread.

      You will notice that some strategies are sensitive to spread tests in Monte Carlo. Normally the strategies which have small SL or TP.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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