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      Hey traders,

      I have updated the Top 10 Forex, Crypto, and GOLD EAs.

      Those of you who already bought any of those will receive e-mails with new login details.

      Also, I will appreciate any feedback or results from your trading with the EAs. This might help me improve the EAs every month.

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      Hey traders,

      The Top 10 EAs were updated for Forex, Gold, and Crypto with the new 10 EAs.

      You will receive an e-mail with the new credentials.

      Safe trading!


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      User AvatarJanek

      Hi Petko,

      Thank you  for the updates!
      Should I remove the old bots or keep them working parallel to the new one? I am asking as I have just been testing the old one for two weeks.


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      User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

      Hello traders,

      Petko has updated the Top 10 EAs.

      All users who purchased the EAs received a link to download the new robots.

      We received a few requests from users who wanted to test the prevoius EAs so starting this month we will leave the robots from the past few months in the folder as well. This way you be able test more robots. Just remember that the latest version is the most suitable to use with the current market conditions.

      We would appreciate if you share any feedback or results from your trading with the EAs in the forum. This might help Petko in improving the EAs every month.

      Best regards,

      Marin from Customer Support team

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      User AvatarBkennedy74

      I have had BTC running nearly 2 days now, not 1 trade.

      I also have the gold updated robots It has been running for over 8 hours, no trades which is very rare for gold and the backtesting I have done.

      Also, why are the pip counts and stop losses for gold so high? 6000 pips for gold? that is over $60 movement, which you can see from this screenshot is not something that happens on the 15 minute chart so often, nor does it happen on the 1hr chart. 

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        Hey mate,

        Could you give it more time? The EAs will open trades when the price hits the confirmation from the indicators.

        The EAs are not designed to trade frequently but to take vital signals.

        SL is a protection. The EAs have exit conditions (indicators).

        However, you can always optimize the EAs so they will have lower SL or to make it more active.

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