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      User Avatarhamselv

      Hi Petko.

      I have just seen your course “Forex strategy course: Portfolio trading with 12 Robots” again.

      When selecting which strategies to trade, you mention that you choose two types of strategies: Trending and sideways. In the video you choose the type depending on which indicators are being used for the strategies. Do you have a website or similar where I can see which indicators are for trending markets and which indicators are for sideways markets?



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      Hello Hamselv,
      Good question over here! Probably something to put in my to do list, and make an update in the course with a video explaining that. I will think about it.

      Now, it is not really about the indicators we use, but about the conditions for each indicator. Lets take the MACD indicator as example:

      If you see in the generator that there is a strategy with the MACD line, and for buy signal we have MACD line rises, this means that we are following the price up, and that is trend-following indicator. Also, such a rule might be MACD line is higher than the Zero line.

      If we have for buy signal the rule MACD changes it’s direction upward, this means that the strategy will buy when the price reverses and it is cheap. And these are the type of conditions we need to look for in the sideways indicators in the strategies.

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      User Avatarhamselv

      Hi Petko.

      I see, thanks. I understand your MACD example. Many of the other indicators I don’t really know. So an explanation/list of trending and sideways indicators would still be much appreciated 🙂 Thanks again!


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      Dear Hamselv,
      Glad to hear from you again. I have not done so far such a list, and have not learned from such myself.
      Simply follow the logic that if you have indicators that are buying low, this is sideways strategy, and if you have indicators that are buying when the line crosses upwards that is trending strategy.
      All indicators could be used in Trending and sideways strategies. That is why such a list is nearly impossible to be created. I would never be complete and precise.
      Learn to trust the strategy builders, they do all the job.
      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello Petko,

      just to make it clearer for myself I would like to ask you something about the sideways indicator:

      • when we use sideways indicators should we combine it with other sideways indicators or not?
      • is it alright to depend on one indicator or is it better to place a couple of them?
      • Is there a difference between the Forex sideways indicator and the crypto for example?

      Thanks so much! I appreciate every support of yours.

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      Hello Thapelo,

      Glad to hear from you.

      1. Yes, if you are trading with sideways indicators you aim at buying when the price is cheap and selling when the price is expensive. So yes, you better combine it with another sideways indicator or at least the rules of the indicators to be similar. It could be a Simple Moving Average but if the rule is to buy when it changes it direction downwards it becomes a sideways indicator, right?

      2. Really hard to say which one is better. I have many strategies that perform fantastic with one entry rule. The idea is that when you use one indicator you will have more count of trades. When you combine a couple of sideways indicators, you will get the trades filtered and the trades will be less.

      3. The indicators are the same for any asset.

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