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    Dear traders,

    I would like to inform you that next week I will be leading live seminars in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.

    The events will be on the 27th and 28th of July.

    27th, Osaka:
    Building name: 新大阪NLCビル (Shin-Osaka NLC Building)
    Room: E301 (3rd floor)

    28th, Tokyo:
    Building name: クアトロ室町ビル (don’t think they have an English name)
    Room: N403AB (4th floor)

    The tickets are available here:

    Will be glad to meet some of you there 🙂

    P.S The event might cause a bit of a delay in the monthly updates for the EAs, but I will do my best to be on time.



    Hey Petko,

    this sounds really interesting to meet you in person. I wish you make a seminar in the UK. I will be 100% there. Japan is so far 🙂

    Anyway if you have announced that earlier I would have organized a trip combined with a week there. Last year I visited The Philippines and I was planning anyway this year another country in Asia.


    Hey Petko!!!

    I am your student from a couple of months and I live in Tokyo. I got the ticket today! Excited to see you next week!

    Thanks for sharing this in the forum.


    Hey Andi!

    Yeah, I plan to do more live seminars during the next years and London definitely will be one of the spots.



    Hey Oaka,

    It will be a pleasure to meet you. I have never been to Japan and it will be an awesome experience for me.

    I have prepared quite interesting things for the seminar 🙂


    Sharapova Sisi

    Petkooo, I was sent for a week in Tokyo 3 weeks ago from my job. Why next weeeek :(((

    Ah, I felt really bad I missed it this way!


    Hey guys,

    I am just back from Japan. It was really a great experience. Not that much the country, but the people. They are so polite and disciplined. That is what impressed me the most.

    Here are some pictures from the seminar in Osaka:



    trading seminar in Osaka, Japan


    Bitcoin seminar in Japan


    Bitcoin trading in Japan


    Bitcoin trading seminar in Japan, Osaka


    Hey, Petko! It looks like really nice! I am sure the people loved you! What about the pictures in Tokyo?

    Sharapova Sisi

    Nice! Wish I was there!


    Here are some pictures from the Tokyo seminar:

    trading seminar Tokyo


    audiance at the seminar


    Bitcoin seminer in Tokyo


    Petko Aleksandrov seminar


    Petko trading seminar


    Bitcoin trading seminar in Japan


    Some more pictures:

    coin game in trading


    game with the traders


    seminar for Bitcoin and Forex


    Overbit platform for trading


    explaining strategies for trading


    support and resistance levels


    And some more pictures 🙂

    the important levels for the Bitcoin

    professional japanese traders


    introducing our website


    Forex Academy courses with Japanese captions


    trading courses


    motivational speach


    thanks to all

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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