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      Dear Traders,

      We are launching our Trading portfolio Expert Advisors course + 99 Expert Advisors. In this course I will demonstrate how I am trading with the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors on EURUSD.

      I will teach you the complete process that I follow to generate the strategies and combine them into Trading Portfolio Experts.

      Also, in this course I have included 10 Trading Portfolio Experts with 10 strategies each.

      The trading Portfolio Expert Advisors save a lot of time, and they bring much bigger diversification of the risk. They save time because can trade with one Trading Portfolio Expert many strategies. We do not open many chart windows, and this means that we can trade with more than the 99 charts limitation of Meta Trader.

      When recording the course, I placed 100 strategies into one Meta Trader. I recorded the performance on the 10th day which was above 1000 pips, and here is the result on the 20th day:

      Results from the first 100 Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors

      And these are the very same strategies that I have included in the course!

      As always I will update the course with new 10 Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors every month.

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      User Avatarcerve

      Hi Petko

      I was thinking on joining and getting the bundle but I have some questions:
      1. How much return can you realistically achieve in a year in percentage terms?
      2. Do you have the fxblue link to the account? If you have it I would appreciate to see the live results.
      3. And the last thing. How much trading capital you consider to be the minimum and which one the recommended?

      Thank you for your time.

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      Hello David,

      I am glad to hear that you are interested in our courses.

      1. The Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors method is pretty new from 2018. It was developed by Forex Software LTD(the company that has developed EA Studio and FSB Pro). So pretty much all users and traders(including me) are still testing the new feature. From the technical side, I can assure you that it works without errors and mistakes in the code of the EAs. As yearly result, it is too early to say, because we are testing it from half an year. Also, I would never promise results to the students, because it depends on so many things – experience of the trader, time dedicated to the trading and practicing, market conditions, Forex news etc..

      2. I have answered to this question just above. I do not promise results. Showing a live trading account or even Demo is always taken as a promise for profit from everyone. That is why we do not do it, and this is not the purpose of EA Forex Academy, because we do not provide copy trading, signals, or following accounts. All of the traders and companies that are offering that try to show some results, because they need people to subscribe.

      Also, all results can be manipulated and you can find many videos how people are doing that on fxblue, myfxbook and other statistical websites.

      3. It is also hard to suggest trading capital for t he Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. It depends how much risk capital one is willing to use. The most important is to trade with small lot size which will fit your capital. For example if you have an account somewhere between 1000 – 5000, you can trade with 100 EAs all trading with 0.01. Totally you will have 1 complete lot, but nearly half of the strategies will be selling and the others buying so you will not have problems with the margin.

      What we are doing here is pure education. In my courses I teach the traders how to use professionally the strategy builders, and I provide some EAs and Portfolio EAs that the students can practice with. You need to know that it is your responsibility if you will use those in live account. I always suggest the traders to practice every system first on Demo account.

      That is why we do not show results, statements, accounts because this is the job to the scam companies, my purpose is education.

      Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have some other questions about the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

      Kind regards

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      User Avatarcerve

      Thanks for the explanation.
      I would try to get the trial and see how everything works.

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      Let me know if you have any questions at any moment.


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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Dear Petko,
      I just took the Trading portfolio Expert Advisors course and its great! When you released the 99 EAs course I taught that is it. No more improvement in algo trading. Now you showed the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors which opens great perspective to us.

      Thanks again for all the knowledge you share. I am right testing the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

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      User AvatarThetrader

      Petko, thank you very much for the course!At the beginning I did not believe that there are actually such Portfolio EAs, and that you included 100 strategies for this price. After taking the course last month I was more surprised to see that you update the Trading portfolios every month…

      Last month I ended by removing many strategies, but had a positive month with total of 600 pips, is that a good result for this system?

      Also, is it a good idea to increase the lots for the remaining EAs? Something like to increase with 0.01 with every removed strategy?

      I would be happy to have your opinion about that, and thanks again


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      Hey John,

      I am sorry for the late replay, somehow I have missed your post, and it went down the list of the forum.

      Well, 600 pips is good result for any strategy according to me.

      I would not really suggest you to increase the lots of the remaining EAs because this will frustrate your statistics. You will see much bigger profits and losses in the same time for the strategies.

      However, if you want to do that, you better look at the pips and not in the Net profit. This way you will see realistic results of the Trading portfolio Expert Advisors, even you trade the strategies with different lots.

      Let me know if you have any questions.
      Kind regards,
      Petko A

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      Hi Petko,
      Just a question on the 99 EA’s / Portfolios.
      Could the 99 EA’s be incorporated into a Portfolio folder similar as you’re doing now?
      This would save having the 99 charts open.

      Thanks, Petko


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      Hey Chao,

      Glad to hear from you. Yes, they could be. You can import 33 EAs in one Portfolio Expert Advisor and for the 3 currencies you would have 3 different Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

      You can do this my importing back all the EAs in the Validator of EA Studio, and than place them in Portfolios. After that just export the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

      Kind regards,
      Petko A

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      I see – thank you.

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      But the huge difference at the end of the day is that when you have Portfolio trading Expert Advisors you can not take only one strategy out. You can but you have to disable all the rest which is not really the thing we want to do.

      Basically if your trading style is to trade portfolios, that you should do the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors, and if you want to trade many EAs and to take out only the best performers, you need to have the many charts with EAs at each one.

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