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      As all US traders know by now we can no longer trade the FTMO robots on an FTMO challenge as FTMO is no longer accepting US traders. However, US clients with existing Challenges, Verifications, or Funded accounts are able to continue to trade. Hopefully, this will change at some point in the future. As for now how can we trade the FTMO robots in the US! Well, I have one solution at this time and will be working on others in the months ahead and here it is:

      Over the last one week my existing FTMO Challenge account had 4 closed trades with the following results. To show the results I am using total Pips for the week for each robot as each robot has different lot sizes. So to compare them equally I have chosen to use Pips instead of profits as pips do not change where the profits are based upon lot sizes and pips.

      Here are the results of my FTMO account:

      EURAUD 88.3 pips, XAUUSD 71.8 pips, USDCAD 0.4 pips, GBPAUD -4.9 pips.

      I also used the FTMO robots in my Infinity Forex Fund Verification account and here are the results for the last week:

      EURUSD.I 89.5 pips , XAUUSD.I 71.6 pips, USDCAD.I 0.7 pips, GBPAUD.I -4.7 pips.

      As can be seen the results of using the FTMO robots in an FTMO Challenge and in an Infinity Forex Fund Verification are nearly the same. As a result traders in the US can use the FTMO robots in an Infinity Forex Verification account and still be able to use the FTMO robots.


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