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      Hi Guys,

      So I have two accounts with Dukoscopy. One demo account which holds ALL the strategies and another demo simulating a “real” account, this one takes the best performers and trades with them. As Petko teaches in the courses.

      However, I’ve realised that performance is not as expected between demo and “real” accounts. I’ve investigated further and can see that while strategies are executing on one account they are not ALWAYS simultaneously executing on the other account – as one would expect.

      This is a major problem obviously as we cant’t truly assess strategy performance like-for-like and the whole system and methodology we are on relying collapses and we are wasting our time. What is the problem here? Are my MT4 settings inconsistent, is it the broker or something else? Have others experienced this and what are the solutions?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hello Wayfarer,

      Glad to hear from you. If I understand you right you do not see matching trades on the two platforms, right?

      The reason for that, most probably, is because you have placed the EAs on both platforms at different times.

      For example, on your Demo 1 account, you have Robot A, Robot B, and Robot C.

      You select Robot B and Robot C for your live account(simulated Demo 2).

      When you put Robot B and Robot C on your Demo 2 account, you might still have opened trades on your Demo 1 account.

      Then the EAs will start opening trades on the Demo 2 account and they will be different (because you placed the EAs later in time).

      Then the EAs in the first account may close the trades, and open new ones while the positions from the same EAs are still open in Demo 2.

      That might continue for a while before the 2 accounts are syncronize. From our experience, it might take up to a month or even longer.


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      User AvatarWayfarer

      Thanks Petko,

      Yes I think you’ve understood what I’m trying to explain. So why are the Demo and “Real” accounts not synced immediately if the entry signals are identical? If it takes at least a month and possibly more for them to sync then this would seem to explain why most people are reporting having no success with this system, especially the observation that “real” account does not demonstrate the same success as Demo results. I have been running this system for over 2 months and this has been the case – strategies “seem” to be failing as soon as they’re promoted to the ‘real’ account. And on closer inspection I find we are comparing apples (demo) with oranges (real) as strategies are not entering and exiting at the same time between accounts. Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Hey Wayfarer,

      There are many reasons why some people may fail – selecting the wrong broker, misunderstanding the system, putting emotions into it, etc.

      As I explained, the reason for not matching the trades is because you put the EAs at different times on both accounts.

      If you want to avoid it, you can close all Demo and Live trade when you move one EA from one account to another. That is the only way to sync them every time. BUT this way, you will not have reliable stats from the EA. Their performance will not be 100% automated.


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