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      User AvatarGerhard du Bruyn

      Hi I bought the course . I had to download a robot USD/JPY ROBOT MT5  My question is, can I only use this robot for USD/JPY ?

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Gerhard,

      I haven’t don’t this course but this EA will have been specifically developed for this pair and timeframe.

      That doesn’t mean of course that it wouldn’t work on other pairs and timeframes but that would require thorough backtesting.

      I would recommend using it only on the symbol and timeframe it was developed for and starting on demo account of course.

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      User AvatarGerhard du Bruyn

      hi Samuel


      ok thats what i thought..so i loaded the robot on mt% but it doesn’t want to open trades…..i did the process again because maybe i left something out ..i loaded the robot again but still doesn’t want to open trades . I loaded the robot on all the time framed 1 min 5 min 30 min 1 hour 4 hour and daily

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Gerhard,

      That is strange. I don’t use mt5 much but presumably you have your auto trading activated?

      If it’s not making trades then keep an eye on the error messages in the expert tab to find out why?

      There will be a reason why it’s not making trades, but only apply it to the timeframe and symbol it was developed on.

      changing the timeframe and symbol will not resolve the issue of it not trading. Showing some screenshots might help

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Does the EA show trade results when using the MT Strategy Tester?  Just a thought!

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      Hey Gerhard,

      You do not need to load the robot on all time frames. Load it on the main time frame but load bars on the other time frames by pressing the Home Key on your keyboard.

      This robot uses higher time frames, so it needs data. But you should not load it on all the time frames.

      And I used the Forex Strategy Builder to create the Robot, so if you are backtesting it on MetaTrader, you need to use Control Points as a method.

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      User AvatarThorsten G.


      I’m currently watching this course and have a question about it. The time given there (2:00-24:00) is for which time zone? Surely I have to adjust this time for my broker’s time, right?

      Thanks for all!


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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Thorsten,

      This time 2:00 – 24:00 will work for most brokers but you should check if it is set to yours.

      You should of course backtest any EA on your brokers data before trading it and that may show up if there is an issue with your brokers time. I am sure Petko will confirm but I would consider the times above to be adjusted to UTC +2 with daylight savings, so quickest way to adjust if necessary would just be to clarify what your brokers time is set too.

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      User Avatarsuperwill58

      hi there,

      may i know how i can create strategy with different timeframe indicator like the EA shared in Scalping Forex Strategy with FSB? as the generator in FSB would only able to select single timeframe from the beginning.

      Great thanks,


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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi superwill58,

        With FSBpro you can only select one time frame at a time.


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