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      User AvatarMihail Mateev


      I would appreciate to know where to change the TP and SL for all 5 strategies. I would appreciate screenshots with markings where the change to be done, because I see some informative fields in the input tabs of the EAs, and I cannot figure out which ones are descriptive-only fields, and which fields are to change the very values of TP and SL for corresponding strategy.

      Thank you!

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      Hello Mihail,
      please see the picture bellow:
      SL and TP
      Basically you change the values on the right side.
      Have in mind that these values are in points. So this is for example 25 and 75 pips.
      FSB Pro is using points and EA studio is using pips

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      User AvatarMihail Mateev


      Could you show the corresponding screenshots for the rest of EAs?

      For example, for Vidya 1 Take Profit is set to 0, and this is the original setting of this EA.

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      This is because before this strategy was without TP and using Trailing SL only.
      For each strategy you have attached Power point sheet with the right parameters
      When we update the strategy with the parameters, you will see the change in this attached sheet
      So what you need to do is just to make sure that the inputs of Each EA are same as the sheet that is attached to the Strategy
      Of course on every change we make we will notify you.

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      User AvatarMihail Mateev

      Thank you for this explanation.

      So, is it possible to describe for each current strategy which field values to be changed, so TP and SL to be effectively changed?

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      But its a good idea to have the EAs changed as well…what we can do is actually update the EAs and when there is update you can just download the new onces and put them on the platform for trading.

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      Once you put the value in the field in the inputs and click OK they are effectively changed

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      User AvatarMihail Mateev

      I would like to change TP and SP levels.

      Could you tell which field values to be changed for each strategy, please?

      Thank you.

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      where it is written in the inputs SL and TP. Delete the values that are written and write the once you like.
      Have a look at the picture i have attached.

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      User AvatarMihail Mateev

      Thank you very much. That was the answer I was looking for. 🙂

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      Dear Mihail, on Vidia EA, please skroll down to the end of the inputs and you will see where is the TP.

      Also tomorrow we will update the parameters of the indicators, and you will see the changes in the attached Power Point files
      and if you donload the EAs again, the changes will be there

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      User AvatarZack Georgiev

      This happens because the EA is created without exit condition, but only TP. That’s why you will find the TP at the end because it is actually the exit condition for this expert advisor

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      User AvatarThe Pope

      Actually now I realized that having the FSB Pro I can modify the top 5 strategies according to my trading style…took me a while to come up with my mind:)))

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      Hello Pope,

      Only the forth Strategy you can modify with EA Studio and not with FSB Pro.


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      User AvatarCasandrasanchez


      Where can I see how much are the SL and the TP According to the latest updates?

      When I download the EAs are these with the new values.

      I am asking about the course with the top 5 Forex strategies.

      Thanks indeed

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Yes, when you download the new EAs they are with the updated parameters of indicators and SL and TP.
      Also, under each lecture has a file attached and the parameters are there. If there is a change with a recent update, the changed values are underlined. Petko did it very comfortable this way

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