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    Hi where can i download the 10 ea that go with the course please


    Hey Brett,

    Glad to hear from you.

    The EAs are attached to the 3th lecture.

    You will be able to see them just below the vodeo. The files are with the latest updates in December.

    usdjpy EAs

    Do not hesitate to drop any other questions.


    Hi, Thank you very much. enjoy the rest of the holidays 🙂



    Cheers, Brett!

    Enjoy the Holidays too, and always drop a question if you have one 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

    Bob Smith

    Hey, Petko! I loved your latest course with the Top 10 USDJPY EA.

    They are quite interesting and logical…I liked the idea to add to the position on the next entry signal and to reverse on the opposite signal. I think this is the most logical way in algo trading.

    Also, you showed again how you generate the EAs which is very useful.

    Now, I placed back the strategies on FSB Pro, and I will look them in detail.

    Happy NY!


    Happy New Year, Bob!

    Glad to hear you liked the usdjpy ea course!


    I enjoyed the usdjpy ea course as well!

    I liked that the EAs do not have SL and TP, so arround th eyear, I had one showing bad result which recovered now, and other 3 that made such a great profit!

    I am so happy you share you EAs, Petko! Keep in mind that few people do that!


    I am new to trading, and the Academy, but already watching the courses. I have started with this usdjpy ea course, as I see people like it.


    Hey Chingi,

    I would suggest you to leave that course for a bit later. It uses advanced EAs, as it has time filters on the higher time frames.

    You better go first with the basic courses from Petko Aleksandrov, and then look at the more advanced.


    Hello Chingi, and welcome to EA Forex Academy!

    Andi is pretty right, if you are just stepping into trading you better go to the two basic courses that we have:

    Basic algorithmic trading course + 3 Robots(Expert Advisors)

    Forex trading education – from basics to advanced


    Hello, Petko, Andi,

    thank you veyr much for the quick replays! I did not expect it. It is an awesome forum here!


    To make something clear about the usdjpy ea course. The 10 Expert Advisors were not updated at the beginning of January.

    I received couple of e-mails with same question about that. The EAs will be updated regularly but when ever it is needed.

    Just look at the topic with the Updates in the courses, and you will know when and which courses are updated.


    I have two of the 10 usdjpy EAs on my live and they are doing just great.

    thnaks, Petko


    Cheers, Andi!

    Sometimes students complain that only 7-8 EAs out of the 10 are profitable with them 🙂 Having 1-2 is great already, glad you appreciate it!


    Hi Petko,

    Which software did you use for the top 10 USDJPY strategy? EA Studio or FSB Pro? Which do you prefer?

    It seems most people here use EA Studio. I started out with FSB Pro since the free trial period is very short. I may have to switch then.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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