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    Dear students,
    I am glad to say that the Ethereum trading course is live already on the page with the Crypto trading course.
    The course is result of many e-mails that we have received from our students about the Bitcoin that is already so expensive to be traded and hard to be bought. And they were right. I decided immediately to record this crypto trading course, because it is just another great asset to be trader – volatile and the spread is still very good with most of the brokers.
    In the course you will see the process we follow to generate 1000s of strategies an select the Top 99. Then you will see how I test them for the recent one month is just few minutes and how I export and place them on Meta Trader.
    In the Crypto trading course you will see that it is possible to do in one and the same account with 99 EAs. Why? Simply because that is the maximum of Meta Trader. If more was possible, I would place more…the idea is that we choose the TOP performers out of these 99 EAs, and we place into separate live account.
    This way we always trade the EAs that are currently making profits.
    In the Ethereum crypto trading course, you will receive the 99 Expert advisors and you will be able to practice. Keep in mind that the EAs are for educational and demonstrational purposes.
    The Crypto trading course will be updated every month, with new fresh 99 EAs.

    Iohan Dive

    Hello Petko,

    I am so happy that we can buy this crypto trading course already, beacause the Bitcoin price is so high! I have bought the course and I`m so happy that you explain everything in details in every your course!
    I saw something interesting about the Ethereum and the Bitcoin… when the Bitcoin price is going down, the Ethereum price also go down, but not with this big difference. I think that the Ethereum will be more profitable in the future, but for the moment this is the role of the Bitcoin. I have one quick question about the Ehereum crypto trading course when will be the update (sorry for this question if you have already made the update and I did not saw it!)?

    Best Regrads!


    Dear Iohan,

    The crypto trading course will be udpated in the first week of February. We will let you know, and you will receive an e-mail as our student. The course will be always updated during the first week of the month.

    Iohan Dive


    I have one more question, because I am very interesting for the Ethereum. Is it expected soon some new ethereum trading courses? From a little bit time I am trading with Ethereum and every courses from you will be very useful for me and I suggest for the other students from the academy. I will follow this topic about The Ethereum crypto trading course and I will expect your answer!!!
    Thank you a lot!

    Best regrads!


    Dear Iohan,
    we have completed one more Ethereum trading course.
    It will be live till the end of the week.
    Also, another basic course for Cryptocurrencies is coming up. It will cover it from A to Z.

    Tom Storm

    Hello Iohan,

    I bought this crypto trading course- learn to take profit and I will say my opinion. From the course I learn a system for trading, which is on trend, i learn how to protect my capital and mostly how to take profit. The course is excellent and Petko explain everything very well without remarks!

    I recommended it!


    Travis Nose


    I want to trade with Ethereum and I see that the academy have courses that can be useful for me. I see two courses – The Ethereum trading course + 99 Algorithmic Trading Robots and The Ethereum trading course – learn to Take Profit, which course will be useful for me like beginner trader with Ethereum?

    Svet Mentor

    The Ethereum trading course with 99 EAs is for algorithmic trading. The Ethereum trading course – learn to take profit is manual system. So it depends what you are looking for. Manual or ALgorithmic? Depends on how much free time you have. In each crypto trading course there is much to learn.


    Guys, we are just prepareing new Ethereum trading course, where we will include more examples of trading with the Never Losing formula. It will be launched by the end of the month. Cheers

    John Michael

    Hello Petko,

    what will be the price of the NEW crypto trading course? I ask this question because now I see that all courses are on sale and I want to buy all courses for cryptocurrency.


    Hello John,
    The Ethereum trading course is already live, and the price is the standard 200EUR.
    Glad to hear you liked the other courses. Keep safe trading
    Kind regards

    Maria Leona

    Hello Petko, which Ethereum trading course is appropriate for beginner traders? I see that there are 3 Ethereum trading courses:, the first one is Ethereum trading course + 99 Algorithmic Trading Robots, the second one is Ethereum trading course – learn to Take Profit and the latest is Ethereum trading robot – Cryptocurrency never losing formula. I want to trade automated, not manually, so I will be happy if you tell me which one is the best for me.


    Hello Maria,
    Glad to hear from you. If you are beginner trader I suggest you to take the basic crypto trading course:

    Basic crypto trading course – from A to Z

    After that if you are interested in trading the Ethereum algorithmicly, you better look at the course

    Ethereum trading course + 99 Algorithmic trading robots

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Kind regards,

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