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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello all,

      I am very new to trading and I am having hard times to find the best Forex broker to trade with. I found out that there are a lot scam Cryptocurrency and Forex broker and i am very affraid to choose one. I read 2-3 times the article here by Svet about How to recognize the scam brokers, but still..

      Mr Aleksandrov, I will be very happy if you suggest me a good Forex broker. I read that you are not connected with any of the brokers, which is really nice and please do not take it as you are giving me trading advice ot broker’s advice but just to tell me which one you are using. I really hope that you will help me. I have joined 2 of your courses and i admire the professionalism you have and I hope you will udnerstand me.

      Thank you indeed

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      Dear Andy,

      Thank you for writing personally to me here in the forum, and I will answer to you as follows:

      Yes, we are not connected to any broker and long time I did not allow any of my mentors or colleagues to suggest brokers, but the problem with the scam brokers is getting bigger and bigger. Nearly every day students are writing to us that they have lost money with some scammers. Unfortunately we can not do anything to help them get beck the money. The only thing is to give you some tips(As Svet did), so we will make sure that our students will avoid such scam brokers.

      As a decent broker that we are recently using is JFDBrokers. They have really tided spreads, swaps etc. Also, they are regulated, and they have office in Varna(where the academy was created and I have personally checked the office to see if all is good over there.

      I would like to warn that if any brokers start typing here(believe me I can recognize really quickly), their posts will be deleted.

      Hope this helps Andi


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      User AvatarAndi

      Petko, you are just tresure! Thank you so so much for the answer. I nearly lost hope of choosing a broker, because i read all the time about the scam brokers, reviews from people lost money and so on. And not just I was looking for the best Forex broker, but I was just scared not to put my money with any scammer.
      Thank you again!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Glad to see that there are also true brokers and thanks for sharing it with us. I lost money with some Forex brokers already before I came here…it is just horrible. Anyway already profits into my account with Petko’s systems. I can say that the best Forex broker is the one that does not steal your money…one day I woke up and my account was empty without having opened positions on the previous day. I do not want to mention the name of the Broker, simply because after that I realized there are 100s of those. The broker used by Petko are regulated and normal… I deposited and redrew immediately to make sure they are fine…but this is just because I am scared from the bad experience I had.

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      Dear Halifa,
      Glad to hear we helped you with the brokers. It is really important first step.

      Anyway, the best Forex broker is when you have a profitable system and you redraw from it, more than you deposit. 🙂

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