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    Dear students,
    Just to make it clear, the Forum is only for educational purposes. All the students of EA Forex Academy, are welcome to write in the forum any questions and share their experience with the others.
    All topics or posts with commercial usage are not tolerated. The Academy is not connected to any trading broker, exchange or any other financial institutions.
    External links will be deleted and the users that placed those in the Forum will be blocked, without any warnings.

    *Forex Academy LTD reserves the right to rename some of the Topics in order to have clearer subject.


    Thanks for sharing this info with us.


    Cheers, Champagnelennie!


    Hi Petko,

    Would links to your courses be considered external links?

    It might explain why my reply to the post “Which is your favorite online trading course from the Forex Academy?” didn’t show up?


    Hey Simon,

    no, probably you failed to post it? Give it a try again.


    Hello traders,

    we have added a search bar in the Forum ( and the blog). This will make it easier for everyone who is looking for a specific subject:


    Excellent, finally, thank you!


    Thanks fir sharing, I find this very useful

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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