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    hello all, i wish to open this topic since i have purchased the 2 courses and i am pretty happy with them, but i do not have enough experience in Forex and in analyzing the market, so i will be very happy if Petko can share some of his experience as a Forex analyst. Also if you can suggest me from where to learn more, because i believe that if i have more knowledge in technical analysis i can create better strategies with FSB Pro.

    Maria DochevaMaria Docheva

    Hello al_kuwait,
    actually we are recording now the 3th course which is fully dedicated about technical analysis. We have seen as well that the students with deeper knowledge in technical analysis are creating better strategies. The course will focus only on the most important indicators, techniques of determining the trend and all the students need to know in order to create profitable Forex strategies with deeper knowledge.
    We expect the course to be ready before the end of May.

    Jade Brown

    Ohh i am waiting for this course! I would love to know more about it! That’s why i opened a topic in the forum to ask if i can have Online personal education.
    But if there is a course as this one, it will be fantastic!
    I see there are a lot such courses, but i like very much how clearly and slowly Petko explains all…


    really appreciate it Jade. Keep learning and trade safe!


    when the course is going to be ready? I cant wait for it 🙂


    Actually it is live already, i took it and i am watching it for 2nd time now…little bit advanced for me but i hope on the 3th time all will be clear. Its fully about technical analysis and price action. Are you planning to have a course also for the fundamental analysis?


    We have it in our plan 🙂


    Dear Petko,
    I wanted to know your personal pinion about the technical analysis on the Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Do you think it is working or not?
    I saw that in your post you mention the support lever in 11k in Bitcoin and the price bounced out of it.
    I know you are the man in algorithmic trading, but you believe that it worths spend time on learning the technical analysis.


    Dear Thapelo,

    the technical analysis represents the traders’ behavior and it always worths to spend time on learning. Personally me, I have been learning for many years all the possible I could, before I figured it out, what is useful and profitable for me.


    Dear George, your post will be deleted, because we do not allow ads here in the forum. Also, no external links.
    The Forum is just for the Students.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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