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      Hi Petko

      1. Spread number value in your settings is in points rather than pips? What if the spread is floating?

      2. When importing data from mt4 you don’t get swap prices automatically? Do you check with your broker and enter them manually?

      3. I have a different leverage on my demo (1:50) and real accounts (1:33) with the same broker. What impact does it have on the outcome
      If I create and test strategies on 1:50 leverage but use them on my real account?

      4. Is initial bar history of 66000 enough to start generating strategies? Are M5 chart strategies robust enough for automatic trading?

      5. When researching forex brokers providing most history bars and tight spreads, I ve realized how much different brokers differ in terms of spread value
      , stops levels etc. Don’t you agree checking contract specification of a particular pair is an absolute must as stop losses levels may not be compatible with those one uses to generate strategies.

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      Hello Marek,

      Welcome to the Forum.

      1. The SL and TP in the EAs generated with EA Studio are in pips, and the ones from FSB Pro are in points. We always put a higher rounded number to cover the floating spread. If your EURUSD spread is 2-5 points, you better use 10 points or 1 pip.

      2. The swap is exported automatically with the scripts.

      3. The performance of the strategies doesn’t correlate with the leverage. Just leave enough margin in the accounts.

      4. 66k bars is not enough for the lower time frames like M1, M5, and M15. For more Historical data you can use our app:

      Forex Historical Data App

      I prefer trading on M15, but that is personally me.

      5. Yes, the brokers offer different spread and trading conditions. This is why we have different historical data with the brokers, and from there we have different backrests with the EAs. Check out our Page with trusted brokers:


      The Historical data in the app comes from Dukascopy if that might help.

      Let me know if there is anything else.

      Petko A

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