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      User AvatarAdriatik Lepaja

      Hello all
      I am writing here also in the email message sent to you on Sunday and for which I got no reply yet:


      It was a long long Sunday (7 April) watching many videos (from morning until noon) by you on Youtube regarding the successful EAs that can pass FTMO challenges until I was convinced to buy and bought already, but on the evening when I open Youtube it came as suggestion by Youtube your video of FTMO banning you (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PTykjBsRys), because of the usage of EAs, and I feel so sad that I bought the EAs, and I don’t want to risk my 2 FTMO 100K accounts that I am struggling to pass already by putting EAs that the FTMO can ban me, so please I strongly would like to get a refund and return these EAs as I can not take the risk of losing my challenges by using EAs.

      I hope in your understanding, and in positive reply from you.


      As also on your website you already mentioned that you have a 1 month return warranty if the EA are not profitable (but in my case luckily I saw that video of FTMO banning you) and didn’t even risked to attach EAs to my account….


      Order #


      was placed onApril 7, 2024

      and is currentlyCompleted


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      User AvatarAdriatik Lepaja

      Sorted, thanks so much


      I am so happy that I met honest people like Petko and the team and I will continue to educate myself from the Youtube videos made by EAtradingacademy and Petko





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