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      Dear all,

      We have decided to discount the trading courses with 95% to make them available to more people!

      Safe trading all!

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      User AvatarStephen

      WOW! Petko that is so generous! I will take most of your Forex trading courses!
      Thanks so much!!!

    • #4198
      User AvatarAndi

      Thnaks, Petko! You the man!

    • #4200
      User AvatarSabastian Lim

      Can not believe you give your hard work on such a price! I will take for sure the rest trading courses
      I have learned so much from your courses,
      Thank you!

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      User AvatarJohn Michael

      I have bought some of the courses about cryptocurrency trading, but now I will take advantage of the sale and I will buy all trading courses for cryptocurrency. Thank you to the academy that gives this big discount!!! This is a good possibility for me (and maybe for all traders) to learn more about trading on the affordable price!

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      User AvatarIan Bibian

      Great offer! Thank you to the academy! I will take some trading courses for this price.

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      You are welcome!

      It makes me very happy to see that the courses cause such enthusiasm, and more and more students join to the Academy.

      I have decided to make the trading courses available to everyone, because everyone deserves to study!

      Keep trading safe, and do not forget to enjoy the summer 🙂

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarJordan

      Thank you very much for the huge discount Petko! I think i will take all of your trading courses! You are the man!

    • #5583

      Hey Jordan,

      very kind from your side! The trading courses are one more week is a sale.


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      User AvatarBob Saphen

      Great sale! All trading courses from the academy are useful for beginner and advanced traders. My favourite trading courses are for algorithmic trading. I bought them from this sale and I am really satisfied. I think that everyone must invest in own personal education and this is great possibility to do that!

    • #5711

      Dear Saphen,
      Glad to hear that you enjoy our trading courses. Safe trading always!

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      User AvatarIan Bibian

      The price is more than great. I bought some of the trading courses and I am so satisfied! The 9.99 EUR per course is just inappropriate small price for the knowledge that I received! At this price all trading courses are available for everyone who want to learn more and more! My favorite course is Basic Cryptocurrency trading course – from A to Z, because I learn more for Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum and to trade with expert advisors!

    • #5893

      Glad to hear you have find your favorite trading courses.
      That is why we have created many courses, this way the traders can find their trading style.

      As well, I achieve great diversification when trading with many Expert Advisors and different strategies. So what I do is to teach while I am trading.

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      User AvatarKristiano

      The discount to your trading courses is very generous Petko, I will take advantage of it and buy few more of your trading courses

    • #5933

      Glad to hear that that Kristiano!
      Safe trading with all of the trading courses.

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      User AvatarTraderzonefx

      Thank you for the discount. I really appreciate your work, and I am glad that I found you because so far I was having only losses. Now it starts to go on the positive side, and I feel very enthusiastic.

    • #6269

      Hello Traderzonefx,

      Glad to hear that you found the trading courses useful, and you are already on the profits. Take it easy, and be smart in the money management.

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      User AvatarChris Eliot

      Petko, thank you so much for this discount! I will take advantage of it and take all the trading courses! I was busy the last weeks and did not see that. Glad I am not late

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      User AvatarFXboomer

      I am new to the website and Forex Academy and I did not expect to see such a discount. I will buy some trading courses as well, and I am happy to see that the Academey is not connected to any brokers

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      My purpose is to make the courses available to everyone, and everyone who is interested to learn should have the opportunity to learn even with less money.
      However, I will keep the high quality in the trading courses, and I will continue to provide more useful content.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Thank you for the discount Petko! I have taken all the rest trading courses from you.

    • #6658
      User AvatarAndi

      I have taken the 19 courses from Petko. It is been hard time to arrange all strategies, needed to buy second machine and monitor, but its worthy. I am second month on profit, and I do believe that it will continue.
      Thanks for all shared strategies, expert advisors and trading courses, Petko! I am waiting for the new one.

    • #6679

      Cheers, Andi! Working on it!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      The prices that EA Forex Academy takes for the courses are really unbelievable and I see that have over 12 000 students and I think that is still a small number of people who actually realize the value of the trading courses that Petko and his team brings.

      I have spend couple of thousands of dollars for education, mentoring and courses. All were useless, I coudnt get a single month on Profit.

      Now with the EAs from Petko and the methods in his courses, I am on third month of profiting.

      So I would strongly recommend to anyone who hesitate to grab a course for 9.99!

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      User AvatarThetrader

      Hey Haliffa, I share your experience.

      Unfortunately I lost thousands of dollars on trading…and I was thinking I was trading, because now I realised how wrong and stupid I was.

      The courses from Petko helped me a lot and now I am also on profit but I will need may be one year to regain the losses I did before.

      However, Petko is great to share the trading courses on a such cheap price, also, he updates them every month which is astonishing.

    • #6884

      Hi Petko,
      I’ve loaded the EA’s for the JPY course just released.
      They load onto the charts no problem and with a happy face, but after a few minutes, they disappear from all 10 charts.
      I’ve never seen this before – any idea why this would be happening?

      Chao Chao.

    • #6886

      Hello Chao,

      I have never seen such a thing as well. You better ask your broker.

      Also, make sure to ask them if they allow the auto-trading at all. The EAs are just as regular ones, nothing so special in them to cause issues. The code is a code.
      There should be something with the broker or the Meta Trader that you have installed.

      Have you used the same Meta Trader and broker for some of my other trading courses?

    • #6889

      Yes, I have all of your courses without a problem.
      I’ll look into this further – thanks.

    • #6891

      Glad to hear that you liked my trading courses, Chao! This makes me very happy and satisfied with the work I have been doing.

      Kind regards,

    • #6896
      User AvatarAndi

      Petko, your trading courses are the best! And you are so kind to give them on such a cheap price! Cheers!

    • #6908

      Hi Petko,
      Just a question with the monthly EA updates are they new ones (different) or optimized?
      For example, do we delete Oct and replace with Nov?
      Chao Chao

    • #6955

      Hello Chao,

      It depends on which course you are talking about.

      For example, the Top 10 USDJPY/EURUSD/GBPUSD trading courses, i just update the EAs every month or two with new parameters according to the recent market conditions.

      But for the other trading courses, as the Automated Forex trading + 99 Expert Advisors, Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading with 12 Expert Advisors, and most of the crypto courses, I upload new EAs every month.

      It is really a personal choice if you want to delete the old ones, and put the new. Or you can keep adding new Demo account and select the Top EAs from more than 99 EAs..up to you.

      Kind regards,
      Petko A

    • #6956

      Got it – thank you.

    • #6977

      Sure, Chao!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Petko, I really can not believe your trading courses are so cheap! What you provide is something really precious! Your trading courses are so much different from what is all around (I have taken several and all is about these patters, and candle sticks formations – I am glad that you do not have even one course about such fundamentally useless things). I do not know how people expect to make profit with doji or Head and Shoulders…

      Well, I am sure that you know how different are your trading courses, and I am sure you make your best to make them the way the are, but I just can’t figure it out why something so good is so cheap!

    • #7335
      User AvatarViktor Isaak

      Yes, agree with you Haliffa! THe value that Petko brings with his courses is much higher…and the fact that he updates eveyr new month with 100s EAs is just priceless…

    • #7437

      Guys, come on… 🙂 Enjoy the trading! That’s it!

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