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    Dear all,

    We have decided to discount the trading courses with 95% to make them available to more people!

    Safe trading all!


    WOW! Petko that is so generous! I will take most of your Forex trading courses!
    Thanks so much!!!


    Thnaks, Petko! You the man!

    Sabastian Lim

    Can not believe you give your hard work on such a price! I will take for sure the rest trading courses
    I have learned so much from your courses,
    Thank you!

    John Michael

    I have bought some of the courses about cryptocurrency trading, but now I will take advantage of the sale and I will buy all trading courses for cryptocurrency. Thank you to the academy that gives this big discount!!! This is a good possibility for me (and maybe for all traders) to learn more about trading on the affordable price!

    Ian Bibian

    Great offer! Thank you to the academy! I will take some trading courses for this price.


    You are welcome!

    It makes me very happy to see that the courses cause such enthusiasm, and more and more students join to the Academy.

    I have decided to make the trading courses available to everyone, because everyone deserves to study!

    Keep trading safe, and do not forget to enjoy the summer 🙂

    Kind regards,


    Thank you very much for the huge discount Petko! I think i will take all of your trading courses! You are the man!


    Hey Jordan,

    very kind from your side! The trading courses are one more week is a sale.


    Bob Saphen

    Great sale! All trading courses from the academy are useful for beginner and advanced traders. My favourite trading courses are for algorithmic trading. I bought them from this sale and I am really satisfied. I think that everyone must invest in own personal education and this is great possibility to do that!


    Dear Saphen,
    Glad to hear that you enjoy our trading courses. Safe trading always!

    Ian Bibian

    The price is more than great. I bought some of the trading courses and I am so satisfied! The 9.99 EUR per course is just inappropriate small price for the knowledge that I received! At this price all trading courses are available for everyone who want to learn more and more! My favorite course is Basic Cryptocurrency trading course – from A to Z, because I learn more for Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum and to trade with expert advisors!


    Glad to hear you have find your favorite trading courses.
    That is why we have created many courses, this way the traders can find their trading style.

    As well, I achieve great diversification when trading with many Expert Advisors and different strategies. So what I do is to teach while I am trading.


    The discount to your trading courses is very generous Petko, I will take advantage of it and buy few more of your trading courses


    Glad to hear that that Kristiano!
    Safe trading with all of the trading courses.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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