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      User AvatarDion Wiremu

      Hi Petko/guys, I’m new to EA academy and have only been Trading 4 months and went straight into using EA’s, reasonably successful to date.

      I’ve been running 2 x MT4 terminals with 4 charts on each terminal with a scalping EA for 4 weeks with great success (same broker 2 different live accounts), on one laptop 24hrs day. 2 days ago I installed a 3rd MT4 terminal with 4 charts using the same scalping EA, then BOOM – overnight the EA stopped money management, stopped trailing SL and the entire martingale and hedging seemed to fail!

      All 3 accounts are in massive drawdown – over 3000USD to be exact and the market keeps moving more and more away from these positions!

      I know, no amount of advise can fix the issue I’m in but I thought you may be able to explain why this might have happened??

      – maybe the Laptop can’t run 3 terminals with 12 charts whilst using the EA on every chart?
      – maybe the EA didn’t like 2 terminals with one broker and 1 terminal with another? causing calculation/signal confusion?
      – Is it the EA?, martingale/hedge – does it eventually fail?
      – Just the markets going against the EA’s strategy and the EA can’t recover from such change?

      Any thoughts please…


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      Hey Dion,

      first time someone shares such experience.

      I am pretty sure the issue is not with the EAs. It doesn’t matter for them on how many platforms you use them and which are the brokers.

      Tell me more about the brokers you use and the laptop.

      Meta Trade uses RAM so you better have 8 GB or even 16 GB would be better.

      Which are the brokers that you use?

      I am afraid they might have seen your profits and stopped executing the trades for some reason to make you lose.



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      User AvatarDion Wiremu

      Thanks for the response Petko,

      The Laptop is 8gb ram so I expect it should be ok. I use SimpleFX who was suggested to me by another Algo training course I completed, I also have a New Zealand based Broker Rockfort Markets who claims to be transparent and is regulated, the EA lost using this broker straight away and continues to lose.

      Could it really be the brokers? that would be disappointing, who do you suggest, as I’m from NZ its not easy to get Trading accounts at the main brokers.

      Thanks for your help.

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      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hey Dion,

      I think as well that the issue is with the brokers. How much is the spread for the main currencies with your brokers? Do they have commissions? What is the swap per lot?

      Also, did you test the EAs on a Demo account before jumping into real? Did you compare the results from live and Demo? Does it match?

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