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      User Avataroliverbraun

      Hi Petko…

      I bought a lot of your courses and loving it! Thanks for your effort!

      This community works with EA Studio and FSB. What about all the other EA strategy builders? Have you Petko / has anyone tested and compared other product and can give us some insights?

      What product ist worth checking out?




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      Hey Oli,

      Glad to hear from you. It makes me happy that you liked the courses. This gives me always a lot of energy to continue…

      Now, when I was looking for strategy builders, I tested pretty much all available software at this time. And FSB Pro ( EA Studio was not yet developed) was the one that I liked the most. It had way more options than the others.

      I am not going to make a comparison now, but if you take Strategy Quant, for example, you will see that there the entry and the exit conditions are not having trading logic. You might see something like: Buy if RSIxMACD/RVI is lower than sth… just calculated number which is nothing to with the trading idea of these indicators.

      More, in FSB Pro, we have a visual graph, and we can see where precisely the trades were opened and close. And we can build the strategies with different logic groups, more extended timeframe filters and so on…

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      User AvatarRoman

      I agree with Petko, I actually had SQ and FSB/EAS at the same time in testing December of 2017. Went with EAS/FSB in January 2018, a lot easier to navigate and work with. EA Studios i think had just came out with Ractor at that time lol I feel old already.

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      Hey Roman, time passes quickly 🙂

      It depends on what strategy builder software people are looking for…

      The most common issue I see is that traders are ”in love” with some manual strategies and they want to automate them. If they succeed to do it with strategy builder or developer, 99.9% see that the strategy is losing. Most blame the program or the developer.

      At the same time, many can not find some custom indicators in EA Studio, FSB Pro and the other strategy builders. Well, the software companies do not want to place custom indicators because they will lead to mistakes in the code of the experts.

      However, all of that is unnecessary since the generator is smart enough to come with a combination of indicators that show realistic backtest. And this is what algorithmic trading is all about – find a strategy that performed well so far and test it.

      More, we have the reactor now in the EA Studio strategy builder software, which makes it all automatic.

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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      Hello, ive used strategy quant extensively and for many years. Ive pretty much given up on it at this time as ive been having a difficult time finding any robust strategies. One would think that with such sophisticated software it would be easy but many of its tools make it more complex. Iam new here at ea forex academy and already see a very active community. I think from strategy quant i will miss the Walk Forward Matrix- which does various walk forwards with different out of samples and runs and tells you how on how much data and how often you should optimize your strategy. Any idea if there will ever be an update with this tool on ea studio?

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      User AvatarCone D

      I used Strategy Quant sometime ago but compared to EA Studio it is much more complicated strategy builder software and it is really hard to make robust EAs as you say.

      Actually there is a Walk Forward in EA Studio already. Here is a free video about it from Petko:


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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      Thanks @cone d. The walk forward matrix goes one step beyond WFO


      Walk-Forward Matrix is :

      Verify strategy robustness
      If the strategy passes Walk-Forwad Matrix test it means that with the help of parameter reoptimization it is adaptable to a big range of market conditions
      Find the optimal period for strategy reoptimization
      it will help you identify the best optimization frequency

      Standard Walk-Forward Optimization tests the strategy results with periodic reoptimization, let’s say every 300 days.
      But how do we know what is the best reoptimization period? We can only guess, unless we’ll use Walk-Forward Matrix that will test various combinations of reoptimization periods.

      What is Walk-Forward Matrix?
      It is simply a set of Walk-Forward optimizations performed with different number of reoptimization periods and different Out of Sample %.

      The result of WF Matrix could look like on the image below – showing the total result plus the ideal reoptimization period.


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      Hello Jenialyinvest,

      I get your point here, and thanks Cone for making it clearer with the video.

      Now, personally I am not a huge fan of optimizing the EAs, and reoptimizing them. This way we are ahead of over-optimization. Also, such a test that shows on what period the strategy should be reoptimized is not very accurate. This is because it is trying to make a kind of “future” walk-forward and we do not have future data. We rely only on the past data, simply, because there is not future data. Simply, we do not want to use tools that are predicting anything. Even the period of optimization.

      The idea of having Walk-Forward optimization is more to prove to you if the strategy is robust or not. This is what I explain in this video and some of my courses.

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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      Makes sense, I guess I have to give up some old habits ?

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      I am just saying my point of you. It does not mean you have to follow it 🙂

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      But keep in mind that Forex Software LTD are looking for all the best features that they can possibly add to the Strategy builder software. And if they did not add something, there is a reason for that.

      And they have trading experience, actually trading, so the features added are more practically oriented.

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      User AvatarGeorge Lane

      Hello everyone,

      I am new in the forum and I am wondering which Software most ot the traders use? Strategy Builder software or EA Studio?

      And why you prefer to use Strategy Builder software / EA Studio?

      Your answers will be very helpful for me because I am wondering which is the best software to trade with!!!

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      User AvatarCone D

      Hello George,

      I have been using EA Studio and FSB PRO for six months. It is difficult to recommend one of the two because they are different programs. Both Strategy builders but they generate different strategies.

      EA Studio works on the bar opening while FSB PRO can open the position inside the bar.

      Also, EA Studio has a Reactor which is very useful to create robust and simple strategies. While FSB PRO has the option to create complex strategies with multiple time frames.

      So it is up to you what type of Experts you want to use. If you can effort them both, you will be able to create a very nice portfolio of different strategies.



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      User AvatarGeorge Lane

      Thanks again, George. Maybe I will use the EA Studio strategy builder software. It will be more useful to me!



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