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      User AvatarAra

      Hi, I see the Happy gold vender’s account hasn’t got any slippages for any trades. Which VPS gives a such a fast execution speed? I’ve tried many VPS but every time I got slippages. I’m a bit confused that vender is manipulating his trade records with the help of Eightcap broker. Please help to solve this issue.

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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Ara,

      It’s great to hear from you.

      Can you tell me more? What’s your fastest ping that you’ve worked with?

      Which brokers have you used? Have you asked them about slippage?

      Can you share some results so I can compare our results with yours and the vendor?

      Have you contacted the vendor for clarification?

      I’ve had varying results on different brokers, their demo servers compared to their real servers.

      Are you trading in demo or with real funds ATM?

      And any further info you can offer would be great to assist in finding an answer.

      Thanks again


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      User AvatarTony Mantinelli

      Hi Matt,

      I have been following your EA Trading Bot here:



      The problem I am having is that I am on a real account, also with Black Bull Markets, but my results aren’t anything like yours. I spoke with Marin Stoyanov from support and he said you would be able to give me your settings so I could match these results posted on your MyFxBook?




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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Hi Tony,

        How are your trades going now?

        Do you have a tracking link I can compare trades with?

        Perhaps the live server has different parameters compared with the demo servers.

        I don’t think I changed much, except the trading risk size is approx 3% on that account, and that’s a bit too much for challenge accounts. But on a live account, could pay off nicely.

        Are you using the M30 chart? I’ve tried on different timeframes and M30 seems the best.

        We mainly use FXBlue now. There’s another link for tracking that account. Do you prefer FXBlue or MyFXBook?

        I hope that helps.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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